BABALON BABES 2010 Calendar – Price Reduced

Hey there, just wanted everyone to know that’s not too late to get the Babalon Babes 2010 calendar. The calendar itself not only features a hot Babalon Babes each month but now the prices have also been reduced.

The wall calendar now goes for $5.00 each
The desk calendar now goes for $3.00 each

Shipping & handling charges will be a flat rate of $2.00, regardless of whether you order one calendar or both the wall and the desk set. You can send payment via PayPal to and specify that you’re ordering the calendar.

Here’s three previews:

Pink Universe, orginally created July 2009, now featured in the Babalon Babes 2010 calendar

If that doesn’t get ya, then I don’t know what will. Once again, you can send payment via PayPal to and specify that you would like either the wall calendar, the desk calendar, or both.


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An artist, illustrator and cartoonist from NYC. In addition, former mad mage, lousy bass player, music fanatic, midnight movie rabidness, indie comix cousin, and pop culture connoisseur with a hint of cynicism. As my good friend said: Never judge a cook by his lover, for if you do he might put a roach in yer suppa.

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