What Psycho Bunny And Charlie Sheen Have In Common…

Haven’t done a Psycho Bunny story in quite some time. Hopefully I’ll have a mini-issue ready for the Welcome To My Nightmare V show this upcoming Saturday. If not, then perhaps MoCCA Art Fest 2011 (Happening April 9-10).

Until then, here’s a short Psycho Bunny story. This one is slightly different, I colored the page using Photoshop. Also, most of the page couldn’t fit on the scanner. So that’s why it looks as if one side has been cut off.

Speaking of which, the media hoopla about Charlie Sheen has died down a bit. If there was one good thing about the Japanese Tsunami, it was that. For those who can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen…or Charlie Jesus Christ Sheen, here’s this. Enjoy.

Short one page Psycho Bunny story. Written & Drawn by Michele Witchipoo. Done 2011. Created 2003.

Published by


An artist, illustrator and cartoonist from NYC. In addition, former mad mage, lousy bass player, music fanatic, midnight movie rabidness, indie comix cousin, and pop culture connoisseur with a hint of cynicism. As my good friend said: Never judge a cook by his lover, for if you do he might put a roach in yer suppa.

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