Psycho Bunny – Holiday Strife # 3

Holiday parties are great, but there’s one side effect – the hangover!

The post holiday hangover. Psycho Bunny created by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015. Pencil.

Happy holidays everyone.


This Sunday! The Kinda Punky Flea Market Xmas Edition

The headline says it all. This Sunday, Dec. 20th, I’ll be selling my comics and Krampus related items at the Kinda Punky Flea Market. It’ll be at Lucky 13 Saloon, located in Brooklyn, from 2-9pm.

Advert for the Kinda Punky Flea Market, this Sunday, Dec. 20th 2015, Brooklyn NY. 

There will burlesque/go-go dancing, many awesome vendors, music, a drunk Santa, and overall a good time. You can’t go wrong. Besides, it’s a few days after the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered, so you have no excuse! Hell, if you’re sick of Star Wars, then this is even better! Click here for the Kinda Punky Facebook page, click here for the Xmas Facebook invite, and see you on Sunday.

WinterCon 2015 Photo Recap.

This past weekend, I had a table selling my comics at WinterCon 2015. Out of all the comics cons I’ve done, WinterCon had to been the most swankest, for it took place inside Resorts World Casino.

Setting up for my table at WinterCon 2015, at Resorts World Casino. Queens, NY. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.

Over the two days I immediately sold out of my handmade Krampus ornaments, sold Krampus greeting cards, sold a few of my comics, and towards the last hour and a half, did a commission.

Handmade Krampus tree ornament. Created by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015. Soon to be for sale on my Etsy store:

Here’s some photos from day one:

WinterCon 2015. Mister Miracle. Photo by Michele Witchipoo, Dec. 2015.
WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
Even pets can get into the act. Cosplay at WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
End of day one of WinterCon 2015. Cosplayer and friend look back at the location, which was at Resorts World Casino, in Queens, NY. View from the A subway line. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.

Day two:

Star Wars display at WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.
Harry Potter cosplay. WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.

As mentioned before, out of the blue someone dropped by my table requesting a commission. My work is on the right.

Pencil commission. My work is on the right. WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.

Among one of the lessons learned over the weekend – don’t skimp on bringing merchandise for your table. My Krampus tree ornaments sold within the first hour, leaving me with just a sign. No worries. More will be made, and for sale at the Kinda Punky Flea Market in Brooklyn Dec. 20th, and in my Etsy store. So keep on checking my shop for updates.

R2D2 gets ready for the holidays. Star Wars Christmas Special anyone? WinterCon 2015. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Dec. 2015.



Star Wars, Psycho Bunny Style.

Poor Psycho Bunny. He’s doesn’t know his ‘Dark Side’ from his ‘Jedi’ side…

Psycho Bunny as Darth Vader. Comic by Michele Witchipoo, Dec. 2015.


Welsh In The Old West:Illustrated.

A Raven Above Press has a new book release now available for purchase. I have two illustrations in this publication, which was Jesse James and Daniel Boone.

Book cover for Welsh In The Old West: Illustrated by Lorin Morgan-Richards. Available on A Raven Above Press. I have two illustrations inside this book. Dec. 2015.

You can order the book from A Raven Above Press website itself, or you can go through Amazon.




The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) On Sketch Lottery.

As seen on Sketch Lottery. Introducing my extremely quick sketch of the Fourth Doctor, also known as British actor Tom Baker.

Quick drawing of Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and his best known companion, Sarah Jane. Of course, daleks are never satisfied. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2015 for Sketch Lottery. Pen and ink.

I have a particular fondness for the Fourth Doctor. Growing up during the early 1980s, I discovered Doctor Who by syndication. It was broadcast on a local NYC television station, WOR, which was channel nine on the dial. It’s Saturday early afternoon slot was right before wrestling.

For the hell of it, I’ll slap on this video:

For months watching Doctor Who became my weekend ritual, watching the Fourth Doctor and his companion Sarah Jane Smith on their various adventures. Not much was known back about Doctor Who. I didn’t know that Doctors regenerate, with companions that come and go. So when Sarah Jane left, I was heartbroken. Leela just wasn’t the same. Foolish, I know. Thus stories of Time Lords was eventually dropped along with those tacky wrestling matches that followed afterwards. Besides, music was taking over. It was the age of New Wave and ’80s Pop. Joan Jett, The Go-Go’s, and later Culture Club with Boy George captured my imagination. After all, I was only 13 years old.

Of course years later, Doctor Who finally broke out of PBS obscurity. If you follow pop culture, you probably know the rest. As they say, you never forget your first Doctor. While I’m fond of the Tenth Doctor, portrayed by David Tennant, my favorite still remains the Fourth, as defined by Tom Baker.

Anyway, check out my piece on Sketch Lottery, and of course, don’t forget to check out the other artists. I’ll leave you with another WOR station identification clip.