Next Weekend! New York Comic Con 2010!

Before I forget, letting everyone know that I will have a table at the New York Comic Con 2010. The New York Comic Con or NYCC 2010, will be held Oct. 8 -10 at The Jacob Javits Center, 655 West 34th Street. Just find my table, T14, in the Artist Alley section.


Wait Until Your Father Gets Home

Don’t know why or how this popped into my head today. Thought about this animated television series from the early 1970s. Slightly similar to ‘All In The Family,’ it dealt with the social issues of its time. It was titled ‘Wait Until Your Father Gets Home.’ The Hanna Barbera studio was behind this sitcom. Television in the 70s was in the Norman Lear era; so perhaps it was only natural to have an animated prime time show about a conservative dad at odds with the younger generation.

Checked to see if ‘Wait Until Your Father Gets Home’ was on DVD, and sure enough it was. Season one was released for the home market in 2005, but season two and three were nowhere to be found. As I poked around online for this bit of useless info, I took note of others observations. Some folks say the dad from this show predated the Peter Griffin character from today’s ‘Family Guy.’ It could be a coincidence, but I don’t think Harry Boyle was stupid. Peter yes, but not Harry.

Snooki Meets Shitty Mickey

In a moment of physical exhaustion and morbid curiosity, I tuned into the hit reality tv show “Jersey Shore.”

Yeah, yeah, should’ve known better. After viewing, I was so disgusted. Felt as if I had to take a shower. Instead of calling the program “Jersey Shore” a better title could have been “Jersey Skanks.”

I spent a good part of my teens actually avoiding ‘Guidos.’ You see back then, ‘Guidos’ had little tolerance for anyone who wasn’t like them, especially ‘freaks.’ I fell into the ‘freak’ category. Among some of my fond memories is having Guidos throw fireworks at me from across the street. It was because my hair was blue.

Granted that was back in the 1980s. In the year of 2010, perhaps my unexpected revenge is having the rest of America view these ignorant trolls for what they really are.

Still can’t believe these idiots have their own reality television show. Supposedly the cast is commanding $10,000 per episode, maybe even more. Really? Really. Illiteracy never looked this good. Who would’ve thought.

One of the main stars from this reality disaster is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Polizzi was arrested this past weekend. Something about “disorderly conduct.”

The rest of the Jersey Shore crew isn’t too hot either. The guys are douchebags with a capital D. Meanwhile, the other girls prove feminism is officially dead.

And of course who would be partying with them, but Shitty Mickey himself. Here’s what actually happened:

Next stop for Snooki: “Celebrity Rehab.”

Bitter (Artwork, May 2010)

Original Bitter Sketch. Pen, ink and marker. May 2010

The idea for this sketch came from a chance encounter back in 2005. My friend had gotten me a gig as a extra for some television show. We were supposed to be ‘Goth clubgoers’ or whatever. Not even gonna bother mentioning what TV show it was, for it got canceled after what, two episodes.

Anyway, in between takes, this blond woman comes up to me. She tries to start a conversation with me, asking my name. I replied and in turn ask for her name.

“I’m bitter” she retorted, with a swish of her fake ponytail. “I’m too old to be doing this shit.” After her complaints about how she was supposed to be a professional actress, she mentions something about her friendship with some famous local Goth musician. The namedropping failed to impress me. However, the impression she did leave behind is to never be bitter, unlike her.

Bitter, Photoshop Revised May 2010

Happy Birthday To Me (Movie Trailer Of The Week, April 5th, 2010)

Today’s my birthday. So I wondered if there was a Horror film with a birthday theme to it. Looked up movie trailers on YouTube and sure enough, it did not disappoint.

This cinematic nasty, Happy Birthday To Me was released in the year 1981. Pope John Paul II had bad luck that year, with two attempted assignations. Anwar Sadat got the hit instead. US president Ronald Reagan got in on the act as well, getting wounded by a gunshot. This was capped off by Buckwheat, as he said O-tay for the very last time.

Actually that last statement was not true. ‘Buckwheat Buys The Farm’ was one of the best known skits from Saturday Night Live that year. Buckwheat was a regular character from the ’81 season. One of Eddie Murphy’s best television sketches before he went off and made a whole bunch of crappy movies.

Apparently some people can never get enough of bloodshed. The year of 1981 saw the release of the Horror flick, Happy Birthday To Me. Here’s the trailer: