Shitty Mickey and Charlie Sheen – WINNING!

Alright, the Charlie Sheen jokes might be getting old by now. Yet here he is hanging with Shitty Mickey. Of course, they would know each other!

Shitty Mickey hanging with Charlie Sheen. Based on the webcomic "Shitty Mickey" written by John Reed & drawn by Michele Witchipoo


Bin Laden and Shitty Mickey

From the CIA files…rare un-doctored photo of Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, sometime around 2002. Could that be Shitty Mickey in the background?

Bin Laden & Shitty Mickey. Based on the webcomic Shitty Mickey.

May 2011. Based on the webcomic Shitty Mickey. New episodes coming soon. Written by John Reed & drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

This Weekend: MoCCA Art Fest 2011

Okay, this is the deal. I’m going to have a small table at the MoCCA Art Fest 2011. (This weekend, tomorrow & Sunday) Whether or not I will have the latest mini-issue of Psycho Bunny ready, remains to be seen. Regardless, come by my table, say hi, and buy some of my artwork!

Poster For MoCCA Art Fest 2011. Artwork by Peter Kuper.

This Is What We Do Show, Hilltap Tavern

So as I’ve said yesterday on this blog, got invited last minute via Facebook through cartoonist Sergio Zuniga. The event took place in Elmhurst, Queens, at the Hilltap Tavern. Every once in a while, Hilltap will have local Punk/Post-Punk/Hardcore bands play there. Even if that wasn’t the case, this local Irish bar scores points for having whiskey on tap, in barrels. Here’s photos from last night:

My section on the pool table, which was converted into a vending spot.
Sergio Zungia's section.
Photography by J. Rivera.
Tommy Wing's section
Hilltap Tavern has Irish Whiskey on tap.
Liquid light show visuals by Steve Pavlovsky
Liquid light show in action.
Sergio Zungia
Paul Jones doing spoken word
A band with no name. First gig.

Tonight – Last Minute Event

Just got invited by cartoonist Sergio Zuniga via Facebook. Gonna bring a few of my comics/artwork for sale.

Hilltap Tavern Flyer For Saturday, April 1st, 2011.

I’m not on the flier, because it was a last minute invite. If you’re in Queens, come check it out. Free admission.
Address: 83-03 Grand Avenue, Elmhurst, Queens. NY.
Take the R subway to Grand Avenue/Newton/Queens Boulevard and walk.

And I’ll see you at the MoCCA Art Fest 2011 next week!

Welcome To My Nightmare V Photos

Last night was of course, the Welcome To My Nightmare V event. If you’ve been following this blog, you might be sick of seeing the flier posted every other day.

Here’s some of the photos from last night:

My display for the Welcome To My Nightmare V show.
Part of my table display at the Nightmare show. March 26th 2011.
Part of my table display for the Nightmare V show. March 26th, 2011.
Shitty Mickey painting. Done winter 2011. Acrylic on canvas.
Psycho Bunny painting. Acrylic. Created winter 2011.
Black Rabbit painting. Acrylic. Created winter 2011.
Photographer Otto Yamamoto next to his display. March 26th, 2011.
For Sale at the Nightmare show. March 2011.
Abby's already a legendary artist in the "Alternative comics" genre. March 26th, 2011.
Abby Denson display for Welcome To My Nightmare V show.
Xtene (Christine) Kucinskis paintings. Xtene was the mastermind behind putting this show together. She's also put together the previous Nightmare gigs, 1-4. She's also the bass player for the band Skum City. She gave me a Skum City tee which I will proudly wear.
Xtene Kucinskis painting. Looks like Andy Warhol, doesn't it?
Nonlee, bass player for two bands: Highteen Boogie and Iconicide. March 26th, 2011.
All girl Japanese/NYC based punk band Highteen Boogie. I want to be thier (non-sexual) groupie. They rock. March 26th, 2011.
Highteen Boogie, March 26th, 2011.
Sarah B MC'ing & doing some poetry. Sat. March 26th, 2011.
Iconicide. Sat. March 26th, 2011.
Iconicide. Sat. March 26th, 2011
Iconicide. Sat. March 26th, 2011.
Skum City. Saturday March 26th, 2011.

There were some bands that I couldn’t take photos of, because it was getting crowded. All in all, a good time. Thanks goes to Christine (Xtene) Kucinskis.

Updated Flyer For Welcome To My Nightmare V

Morning folks. Here’s the updated flyer for the Welcome To My Nightmare V show:

Welcome To My Nightmare 5 Flyer Updated
Updated flyer for the Welcome To My Nightmare 5 event.

The show will be held on Saturday, March 26th, 2011. Locations: The Lake, 258 Johnson Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Admission $7.00, all ages.

NYCC 2010 Photos Part II

A week later, and here’s part two of the NYCC 2010 blog post.

During the the three-day weekend of the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011, I was stationed mostly behind my table. When Sunday rolled around, figured it was time for some quick explorations. Inside the Jacob Javits center, the NYCC took most of the main floor, while New York Anime Festival was downstairs.

Costumes from the NYCC/New York Anime Festival, Oct. 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

I’m not really familiar with the whole Manga/Anime/COS underworld. It’s not my thing, although I like some of Osamu Tezuka’s work. Like upstairs, the lower level where the Anime Festival was jammed packed.

Downstairs at the New York Anime Festival, Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

Upon entering the Anime section, it was crossing into a whole other world. The general age of this Anime/COS crowd was probably tweens, to early teens. Almost everyone other than the artists and vendors were sporting some kind of costume.

New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC
Don't ask, don't tell. New York Anime Festival, downstairs at the NYCC/Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

On the mini-stage was some sort of singing contest, with a costumed female contestant warbling off-tune. I walked around the Anime section some more, when some sort of COS conga-line broke out. Half-scary, half amusing, I figured that I had my fill of this mini-Neverland. Time to go back upstairs.

COS play outfit from the New York Anime Festival. NYC, Oct. 2010.
New York Anime Festival 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

My favorites were the like the frilly Victorian-style of the “Lolita” costumes. If I could get away with it, maybe I could have one of those Lolita dresses hanging in my closet.

From the New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC, Oct. 2010.
NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC
NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC

Back upstairs to the NYCC:

BuzzBuzzBuzzBuzz...or as someone said on Facebook: "Where's the bug spray?" NYCC 2010. NYC
Is it a peanut? Is it a waffle? The result of too many carbs. NYCC 2010, NYC.

The real reason why I was at the NYCC 2010; I had a table in the Artist Alley section:

The section my table was located, NYCC 2010.
My DIY sign. NYCC 2010. NYC
Jammed full of goodies at my table. Artist Alley section at the NYCC 2010. NYC

My next two appearances: Welcome To My Nightmare 5, Williamsburg Brooklyn, March 27th 2011. MoCCA Art Fest 2011, NYC, April 10-11, 2011.