Inktober 2019 Recap/Prompt No. 10


Not the greatest sketch, but here’s an Inktober 2019 piece. The Inktober prompt was pattern. Yet people seemed to like the sketch on my Instagram. Maybe because the style looks a bit like my early Babalon Babes zine days. Threw in a few alchemy symbols.

Intober 2019 prompt no. 10: Pattern. Sketch by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2019.



Alchemy Space Girl – Gold

Lately I’ve been fascinated with sci-fi visuals. Along the lines of Dystopian, and particularly with vintage book covers or magazine illustrations. Vintage meaning late ’60s, to 70’s up until the early ’80s.

Drew the outline over a month ago, but finally had a chance to color this. Used glitter watercolor and digitally enhanced.

There’s also the alchemy aspect. I picked Gold for this piece.

Space Alchemy Gold. Pen, ink and watercolor illustration, with some digital touches. Created by Michele Witchipoo. Late August 2016. 

Would say more but at the moment I’m exhausted. Till next time.