Bitter (Artwork, May 2010)

Original Bitter Sketch. Pen, ink and marker. May 2010

The idea for this sketch came from a chance encounter back in 2005. My friend had gotten me a gig as a extra for some television show. We were supposed to be ‘Goth clubgoers’ or whatever. Not even gonna bother mentioning what TV show it was, for it got canceled after what, two episodes.

Anyway, in between takes, this blond woman comes up to me. She tries to start a conversation with me, asking my name. I replied and in turn ask for her name.

“I’m bitter” she retorted, with a swish of her fake ponytail. “I’m too old to be doing this shit.” After her complaints about how she was supposed to be a professional actress, she mentions something about her friendship with some famous local Goth musician. The namedropping failed to impress me. However, the impression she did leave behind is to never be bitter, unlike her.

Bitter, Photoshop Revised May 2010