Not The Band – The Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week 4/23/2019

Now that Easter, Spring Equinox, and all other holidays are wrapping up, it’s time for a fresh Psycho Bunny sketch of the week. Behold, it is Psycho Bunny that has risen. Fair warning though. With this week’s sketch, only art history students and Post-Punk/Traditional Goth fans will get the joke.


As I was pondering what to do for the next sketch, Google reminded me that it was the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus art movement. During its peak, the Bauhaus movement was revolutionary with concepts of design, architecture and art. Unfortunately, when the Nazis rose to power, the Bauhaus school was one of the first causalities. There was no room for Bauhaus ideology within Nazi framework. Unrelated was Hugo Boss, who designed the Nazi uniforms. Yes, that high-end designer. Back to Bauhaus. After the art school’s closure, various students went global, spreading its influence worldwide. Its influence still lingers in 2019.

Unless you’re a fan of ’80s Alternative, which throws you into the Post-Punk category. We’re talking about that classic Goth band Bauhaus. Bauhaus is most well known for the song ‘Bela Lugosi Is Dead.’ Later on, the lead singer Peter Murphy went on to have a solo career, with Dali’s Car in-between. The other members formed Tones On Tail, then Love and Rockets. The band Love and Rockets is not to be confused with the comic by Los Hernandez Bros.

Most recently, Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, and Love and Rockets member David J did a signing at NYC’s Rough Trade, during Record Day 2019. More about Record Day 2019 and the Wax Trax event in another blog post.

Meantime, I will be at two comic cons in June. Details forthcoming.

Speaking of which…social media links. Can’t forget about that! 

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 Tune in next week for a new Psycho Bunny sketch of the week.

Unless you’re in Orlando, Florida.


Sketch Lottery – Salvador Dali

My contribution to last week’s Sketch Lottery, and keeping up with the Inktober theme. This time, the subject was Salvador Dali. I always thought of him as an original rock star. (Although the pic here looks a bit like Alan Moore) Which is probably why I drew him in that style.

Salvador Dali's eye. Almost looks like Alan Moore for a second. Dali's Car anyone? (Drawn by Michele Witchipoo, Oct. 2014)
Salvador Dali’s eye. Almost looks like Alan Moore for a second. Dali’s Car anyone? (Drawn by Michele Witchipoo, Oct. 2014)

Just for the hell of it, I’m gonna throw in a song from 1984. Dali’s Car, a side project between Bauhaus‘ lead vocalist Peter Murphy, and Mick Karn from the band Japan. In keeping with the Dali theme.