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In the past few years, mermaids have become more popular. For example, every year in Coney Island, Brooklyn, there’s The Mermaid Parade. Mermaids are usually depicted as romantic, feminine creatures. Many different cultures have their own mermaid versions. After doing some quick research the other day, I discovered that in British folklore, mermaids usually foretold death.

Authors such as Lewis Spence, and W.B. Yeats wrote about mermaids. You can check out other folklore here.

Once I read about these mermaids bringing bad omens, such as storms, dangerous distractions, shipwrecks, and such, that’s when I decided to take the beautiful image of a mermaid into another direction.

Have you heard that sleep is your enemy? In this case, being half asleep made me forget to scan my devil mermaid sketch before using watercolor.


Sketch of a devil mermaid in pen, before using glitter watercolor. Artist: Michele Witchipoo, June 2018.

The scan fails to show the effect of using glitter watercolor. Thinking about creating a custom frame and selling the original. Here’s the finished result.


Not a very good scan of this illustration. Devil Mermaid. Illustration, pen and glitter watercolor. Artist: Michele Witchipoo. June 2018.


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A start to the new year of 2014. You can see my handiwork on writer Adam Golightly’s page.

I should also have my artwork in one of his upcoming books. Details forthcoming.


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The holidays are upon us once again. What better time to show a Krampus pencil sketch:

Krampus pencil sketch. December 2012. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

Krampus pencil sketch. December 2012. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

Originally I was going to draw the Krampus figure, then ink. As I went along, just kind of liked how the pencil work was coming out. So for now, I’ll keep it as a pencil sketch.

For those who don’t know what Krampus is all about, or for those too lazy to Google…I’ll leave you with a few links. I’ll do this so you won’t have to. Consider that my holiday gift for you, my readers.




Happy Krampus everyone!

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Here’s a pen and watercolor pin-up/illustration I did last night:

Devil Woman, June 2012. Illustration by Michele Witchipoo.

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Since many folks are snowed in on the East Coast, perhaps I can cheer you up. Here’s two latest pieces that I’ve done:

Valentine 2010 art by Michele Witchipoo

Valentine 2010 art by Michele Witchipoo

Red Carpet by Michele Witchipoo

Red Carpet by Michele Witchipoo, Feb. 2010

You can check out some more of my stuff here: http://michelewitchipoo.deviantart.com/

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