Coming To America – Sketch Lottery

What’s up with him?

Eddie Murphy's eyes....on Sketch Lottery. Character of the week was Prince Akeem from the 80s film "Coming To America." Sketch by Michele Witchipoo Nov. 2014
Eddie Murphy’s eyes….on Sketch Lottery. Character of the week was Prince Akeem from the 80s film “Coming To America.” Sketch by Michele Witchipoo Nov. 2014

A week late, but the Sketch Lottery character was Prince Akeem from the 1988 film Coming To America.’ For those who don’t know, comedian Eddie Murphy portrays Prince Akeem, a rich African prince in search of a bride. He goes to America to find the woman of his dreams, which lands him right in NYC boro of Queens.

As a side note. The scenes where Prince Akeem was working in McDowell’s were filmed on location at a local fast food restaurant. It was Wendy’s, located on Queens Boulevard, in Elmhurst, Queens. My mother used to pass by this Wendy’s during her work commute.

Years later, I moved to an area which wasn’t that far from Elmhurst. The Wendy’s location was still there. Unfortunately, that Wendy’s was known as one of the worse Wendy’s ever. In 2013, it was torn down. Below are a few online articles relating to the former business.

The sketch I did was based on the scene where Akeem and his personal assistant/best friend Sammi hit the club in search of a bride.

Not the best work I’ve done, but regardless. Enjoy my contribution on Sketch Lottery. Don’t forget to check out work by the other artists as well.

FYI – The film poster for ‘Coming To America’ was drawn by Drew Struzan.  





Review: This Is What We Do 2012

February here already? Time flies whether or not you’re having fun.

Last night was fun though, and here’s a brief review of last night’s event. Titled “This Is What We Do,” it took place over at the HillTap Tavern located in Elmhurst, Queens, NYC. The second annual event was created and hosted by fellow creator Sergio Zuniga. (Website:

This Is What We Do Flyer 2012

There were art, comics and prints for sales. Besides me and Sergio on the bill there was work from Amy Chace, Justin Melkmann (from the band WW9), Steve Pavlovsky, Thomas Doerrer, and Paul Benincasa.

Merch table and artwork
Artwork for sale
Sergio Zuniga's artwork
My Shuï Rhys painting. Originally exhibited in the The 2011 West Coast Eisteddfod: Welsh Festival of Arts in Los Angeles. Also published in the 2011 book "A Welsh Alphabet."

The three bands listed were The Barrens, Hidden Trax. Vol 1, and Losing Constitution.

The Barrens performing at HilltapFor the second year in a row, Liquid Light Lab put together awesome visuals for the show.
The Barrens live at This Is What We Do/Hilltap Tavern. Feb. 2012.

For the second year in a row, Liquid Light Lab put together awesome visuals for the show.

Liquid Light Lab aka, Steve Pavlovsky doing his thing, as Thomas Doerrer observes.

All in all a good night.

Hilltap Tavern 83-03 Grand Ave, Queens, NY 11373

Upcoming Show: This Is What We Do Feb. 2012

Okay, first show of 2012.

Check out the 2nd Annual This Is What We Do event, taking place Saturday February 11th, 2012. The party starts at 8pm, in Elmhurst, Queens NY. Accessible by the M and R subway lines. It’s free admission, which means you have to come up with a really good excuse not to show up.

This What We Do 2012 Flier

I’ll be showing my artwork along with many other artists. Sergio Zuniga, Steve Pavlovsky, Thomas Doerrer, and Jose Rivera. The bands playing on the bill will be The Barrens, Air Academy, and Losing Constitution. Light show by Liquid Light Lab. Artwork and comics will be for sale. If this event is anything like it was last year, then this guarantees to be a lot of fun.

This Is What We Do Show, Hilltap Tavern

So as I’ve said yesterday on this blog, got invited last minute via Facebook through cartoonist Sergio Zuniga. The event took place in Elmhurst, Queens, at the Hilltap Tavern. Every once in a while, Hilltap will have local Punk/Post-Punk/Hardcore bands play there. Even if that wasn’t the case, this local Irish bar scores points for having whiskey on tap, in barrels. Here’s photos from last night:

My section on the pool table, which was converted into a vending spot.
Sergio Zungia's section.
Photography by J. Rivera.
Tommy Wing's section
Hilltap Tavern has Irish Whiskey on tap.
Liquid light show visuals by Steve Pavlovsky
Liquid light show in action.
Sergio Zungia
Paul Jones doing spoken word
A band with no name. First gig.