Inktober 2018 #31 – Slice

October and Inktober have come to an end. With that comes my last Inktober sketch for 2018. Introducing the 31st prompt, slice.

Inktober 2018, prompt # 31 – Slice. Using one of my new characters from the forthcoming mini-comic available on WitchesBrewPress, by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2018. 

As in pizza slice! Lately there’s a been a slight trend to blend satanic images with pizza. Why? Don’t ask. Regardless. This is one of my new characters from the forthcoming mini-comic. Isn’t he cute? I think he is. Him and the idea of putting Squeaky Squeakums came from the early 2018 Inktober sketches. So even if I didn’t get to complete the Inktober challenge, something good came forward.


Inktober 2018 # 30 – Jolt

This may or may not be the last Inktober 2018 sketch from me. It was going well at first, but then I decided to work on a new mini-comic. So technically I did draw everyday for the month of October 2018. It just wasn’t Inktober related. It happens.

For the Inktober prompt # 30, which was jolt, this was my sketch. Jolt, as in Jolt cola.

Anyone remember Jolt cola from the ’90s? I remember a rumor that early ’90s ravers used to gulp this down after doing a hit of acid or ecstasy to get a bigger rush. It was marketed as “All the sugar, twice the caffeine!” It doesn’t sound very healthy in 2018.

I had Jolt cola a few times back in the early ’90s. It didn’t taste bad. Didn’t matter, I’m not a soda person. Never cared for soda. Most soda flavors taste disgusting to me. Never understood the appeal. Except for Jolt cola, or Faygo, but for different reasons. Faygo is just kinda trashy. Both soda brands were sold at Dollar General last year.

Jolt cola. Inktober 2018 sketch prompt # 30 – Jolt. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2018. 

What’s Cooking On The 4th

Happy July 4th everyone. Here’s a vintage Psycho Bunny sketch dated 2007. Thought it went well with the weekend’s theme of cook-outs and BBQs. The original is in black and white, this 2016 version is in color.

Psycho Bunny cooks. Vintage Psycho Bunny sketch from 2007. Updated in 2016 with color. Based on the comic by Michele Witchipoo.

Squeaky Loves To Eat!

By request, someone suggested that I should post this sketch:

Squeaky Loves To Eat!
Drawn by Michele Witchipoo
Pencil sketch 2011.

Rock Me Amadeus

Before going to Salzburg back in April, I was told that Austria had some of the best dairy products. That advice did not disappoint. One of the first things I ordered, after settling into my hotel room was a glass of milk. Immediately you could tell the difference between the local Austrian milk, vs. the American factory mas-produced product. For starters, you didn’t taste any sort of chemicals. If there was, I couldn’t tell.

So besides the yogurt and the cheese, I checked out some of the local candy. Chocolate in particular. True, this entry isn’t proving to be very vegan friendly, but hey, when in Austria, right?  Although I did refrain from meat products.

Anyway, on one of the last days of my Austrian adventure, I ventured inside this confection store. It more or less catered to the tourist crowd, as tales of Mozart and the Sound of Music danced in their heads. For myself I picked a few marzipan pieces in the shape of bunnies. Then I stumbled upon this:

Austrian milk chocolate candy, complete with old fashioned graphics and retro artwork.

Kinda cute, huh? Here’s another photo…

Austrian milk chocolate candy with retro wrapping.

Of course, the main selling point of Salzburg is having been the birthplace of Mozart. So everywhere you go, you’ll see images of the Amadeus everywhere. Salzburg even has an annual classical musical festival, which I guess probably brings a good amount of revenue into the town. Since the composer is one of the main selling points, you’ll spot Mozart chocolates being hawked all over the place.

Near where I stayed was a small local supermarket chain called Bila. Trying to beat the tourist mark-ups, I brought a whole bunch of these products:

Mirabell Mozart kugeln. As of this blog entry, this is the last one left, reserve for my friend.

Mirabell Mozart kugeln chocolates comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, mostly round chocolate shapes. The ones I brought had a pistachio and chocolate mix, which I was told much about during my trip. My only disappointment was when I turned over the bar package, and discovered that Kraft was the manufacture of these products. Not that I have any against Kraft, but while I was in Austria, I wanted purely Austrian products. I wasn’t looking for anything connected to American companies.

Top lid packaging Reber Mozart Kugel chocolates.

There’s a few brands of Mozart chocolates, and the one I recommend is Reber. Mozart Kugel gourmet chocolates was lovely. With some of the ingredients such as sugar, almonds, cocoa, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, hazelnuts, pistachios, glucose, invertase (natural softener), lecithin (emulsifier), natural and artificial flavors, etc. Oh, and the milk chocolate contains min. 20% milk solids. For the most part it’s natural. Usually I hate getting chocolates as gifts, but maybe for next Valentine’s Day, I might make an exception for this.

Straight from Austria. Reber Mozart chocolates. Highly recommended.

My only regret with these purchases is that I had brought more of the Mirabella Mozart chocolates than the Reber ones.

Just found out that you can order more of these online. So maybe when I become nostalgic for Salzburg, perhaps I’ll just get these.

Last Ice Cream Parlor Standing

I would’ve posted this blog right after Labor Day, but life got in the way. Back in August, I did the last of the pilgrimages to summer treats. The last pilgrimage would take us to Jackson Heights, Queens. Home of the last ice cream parlor standing.

Jahn’s was a pretty successful ice cream chain back in its heyday. It’s sugary magnum opus was and still is the infamous Kitchen Sink Sundae. It had locations scattered about the tri-state area, even reaching two towns within the Florida state so it could cater to NYC transplants. However, as with everything else, tastes change and so began the decline of Jahn’s. As I type this, there is only one Jahn’s location surviving, which is the Jackson Heights location. The Richmond Hill location recently closed in 2007.

Jann's Last Location, Jackson Heights, Queens NYC. Aug. 2010.

Apparently the Richmond Hill parlor was an ice cream time warp, where as the Jackson Heights one looks more 1970s/early ’80s. The slightly 70s look is due to a fire some time ago. A Geritol vibe lingered as we walked inside. Its main clientele seemed to be retired senior citizens, quietly chomping on their orders. The only exception was a young couple taking their bratty toddler out for an afternoon treat.

Menu From Jahn's.

We placed our order, adding a side of french fries for a taste of some ‘real’ food. This is what we got:

Our order at Jahn's. We couldn't take the 'Kitchen Sink.'

To our pleasant surprise, it was actually delicious. Comfort food at its finest. So while Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills had the retro decor, Jahn’s delivered where it counts, the taste buds. So if your waist line knows no bounds, perhaps you can dare to try the Kitchen Sink sundae. I say you try it because I’m not going up another dress size.

In tribute, here’s the last of my summer treat sketch series:

Sundae Girl, illustration by Michele Witchipoo. Aug/Sept. 2010. Inspired by Jahn's and named after the Blondie song.

*Photos by Ben Herman

You’re As Cold As Ice…

After the blistering heatwave of 2010, I’m very grateful that fall is right around the corner. However, before the hot weather comes to a close, why not post one or two more about summer treats.

A few weeks, decided to finally try out Benfaremo, otherwise known as ‘Lemon Ice King of Corona.’ I’ve passed it numerous times while riding the bus. Figured it was worth a shot, so why not try the place. Of course, of all the days to visit this place, it starts to rain.

Benfaremo, Lemon Ice King Of Queens. NYC, August 2010.
List of flavors from Benfaremo's.
Our order. Mine was the apple flavor.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Not that I can afford a doctor, but whatever. Ordered an apple flavored ice, which contained real fruit chunks. The taste was okay, but after a few seconds, my order began to taste like apple flavored soda. Bleh. Truth be told, my personal preference still goes to Ralph’s.

Upon arriving home, I started doing this quick sketch in honor of Italian ices:

Italian Ice Girl (August 2010) by Michele Witchipoo

If I get around to it, the next and final posting about summer treats will be about Jann’s.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop

If walking into a time warp is your idea of a good time, maybe you might want to check out this place out.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop, located in Forest Hills, Queens. Looked pretty retro alright. Had that old soda fountain shop kinda appeal.

Inside Eddie's Sweet Shop, Friday August 6th, 2010
I want candy

Since it was a hot summer evening, the place was packed. Taking a counter seat, I noticed all the different types of sundaes being made. The orders was served in these retro metal dishes, complete with all sorts of rich, thick toppings. Tons of whipped cream, syrups, malts, sprinkles, nuts, cherries, you name it. Pure ice cream porn.

This was not my order.
The aftermath

Safe to say this place is not for the vegan, nor the lactose intolerant. Eddie does have low-fat ice cream. I know this because that was my order. It paled in comparison to all the decadent treats parading up and down the counter.

Didn’t stay too long at this place. So I snapped a few more pics with my cell:

The seating at Eddie's Sweet Shop

The Counter

Googled Eddie’s Sweet Shop online to see if they have a website. So far the only listings I’ve seen is a fan page on Facebook and a few city guide type reviews. The reviews either raved about Eddie’s, or expressed disappointment. It was one of these reviews that I found out about another old fashioned ice cream place, Jahn’s. Apparently that used to be an East Coast institution. There’s one single, solitary Jahn’s location left, and its in Jackson Heights, Queens. That’ll be my next stop. In the meantime, here’s two more outside Eddie shots.

Outside of Eddie's Sweet Shop
Entrance To Eddie's

I’ll end this blog post with this sketch/illo:

Blond On Blond Ice Cream, Aug. 2010. Artwork by Michele Witchipoo

It All Sums Up To This: That Wasn’t Chicken

I’ve been in a real sour mood as of late. Won’t bore you with the details…but as I headed towards the fridge to warm up some Trader Joe samosas, I glanced upon this:

Advertisement postcard from 1998/99 for Sauza tequila.

Another reminder regarding the realities of life. The last word in disillusionment.
So when someone tells you that everything is an illusion, believe it.
Then again, don’t always believe everything you read, hear, see, breathe or eat…

Edible Infinity

An iv17 Sol 8° Aquarius, Luna 20° Cancer Dies Jovis
Thursday, January 28, 2010 e.v. 5:04 PM

Now its time for an utterly ridiculous blog post.

Right before New Years, going into 2010, me and the boyfriend went down to a local pub. Basic fare, fried food and beer. You know, get in those extra calories before the new years’ resolutions. The ones where you swear not to overeat and drink. Yea, that one. Anyway, since the serving portion was huge, we decided to brown bag it.

Next morning…too lazy to make a proper nutritional breakfast and discovered this:

Interesting huh? Now you’re probably thinking, huh? At a glance it just looks like over-fried food. On the contrary, however. a closer look and this piece of leftover onion ring resembles the infinity symbol. The meaning of this infinity symbol is a mathematical one, (as in the number 8 sideways). Also in mystical terms, representing eternity with the universe. Sort of like the Ouroboro, the serpent devouring its own tail.

Take this tarot card for example. We’ll use the most famous deck of them all, the Rider-Waite deck. Here’s the first card, The Magician:

Look above the magician’s head. He is connecting himself with the universe:

Not satisfied with this, I decided to “magically” play with my food:

Now compare:

I was being silly, of course.
As for the food itself? It was consumed afterwards, except for the Infinity shaped onion ring. It had become inedible hard, so it went in the garbage can. To Will, to dare and to silently go into the trash.