Mermaid 2015

Didn’t have anything particularly in mind when I started this piece yesterday. I’ve done mermaid illustrations and sketches before. Perhaps I wanted to do something a bit different. While I didn’t think the hands came out that great, decided to post it anyway. Here’s a mermaid, with Neptune in Scorpio.

Mermaid 2015. Pencil sketch by Michele Witchipoo, June 2015.
Mermaid 2015. Pencil sketch by Michele Witchipoo, June 2015.

My Mermaid Piece In Nib Lit 1.5:6: The BP Issue!

My mermaid piece is in the latest PDF issue of Nib Lit. Issue six has been dedicated to the vile BP oil spill. Edited by Mykl Sivak. Featuring artists like Tony Millionaire, Shannon Wheeler, Steve Stegelin, and many others. Adults only.

Click on the below link:

or straight to the issue itself:

Mermaid Of The Oil Spill

Still pretty disgusted by what’s going on with the BP gulf oil spill. So even though I had already done one piece relating to this tragedy, felt it wasn’t enough. Did another one, and this was the result:

Mermaid of BP. Michele Witchipoo, June 2010

UPDATE: I decided to do my part for the gulf oil spill cleanup, by putting up a Cafe Press shop as a fundraiser. In other words, if you purchase a product from this online store, my proceeds will go 100% to a oil cleanup/wildlife organization. I haven’t decided which one as of yet, so if you have any suggestions, let me know. You can go here:

Thanks in advance.