Psycho Bunny Goes Pop – Sketch of The Week 4/4/2018

So Monday came around and I was stumped. Suppose I could do some kind of Easter sketch. After all, Easter just passed. Then again, Psycho Bunny is a rabbit. So doing some sort of Easter bunny parody would’ve been too easy. Perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood.

Hence, Roy Lichtenstein.

Some people believe Lichtenstein was a modern art master. Others believe he was a plagiarist. Whatever opinions you may hold regarding Lichtenstein, here’s the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week.


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Art On Paper 2018

It’s late but here goes. The days of March 8th to March 11th 2018 was NY Art Week. That’s when the big fine art/modern art fairs happen, such as The Armory Show, VOLTA NY and Art On Paper. Unfortunately I was only able to attend one fair, which was Art On Paper. This was my second time returning to the event.

Along the way there was a life-size Marge Simpson seen in Lower Manhattan. Throwing in a cute photo of a dog riding the subway. Why? Sometimes I like animals over humans.

You’ll have to pardon me. Usually I take notes, but this year was a bit distracted. Some of the art seen was repeats of last year. The surprising part was not so much political art displayed as opposed from last year. Not to say there wasn’t any.

Art On Paper 2018. Kim-Trump paddles. Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Halfway through the event, I met a lady carrying around matchboxes. These were refashioned as art items. Jennifer Robin Arnold (her name) told me during the summer she sells them in Coney Island, Brooklyn. She was kind enough to give me the matchbox with the 1970s porn flavor.

Again they had the overpriced concession stand. As much as that alcoholic coconut drink was tempting, I wasn’t about to fork over $14.00. Ditto for the Sixpoint beer for $7.00 when I could get it cheaper at a Brooklyn dive bar. However, there was ton of art to be seen.

Afterward a friend took me to see a concert over at Brooklyn Bazaar, which helped inspire a Psycho Bunny sketch, seen here.

So hopefully next year I’ll be able to snag passes for not only this show, but for the other two like The Armory Show. Fingers crossed.

*All photos by Michele Witchipoo March 11 2018.

Rozz Williams Portrait

Usually I do not sell my originals. Prior to this show in L.A., I held on to all my originals. The only exception was with Tales of Woe, because three of the six illustrations I had done for the book were large in size. I’ll do commissions, but as for for illustration originals, those I keep.

For the Necessary Discomforts show in Los Angeles, there will be a one of a kind piece I’ve created just for this exhibit. Starting tomorrow you can see my illustration on display, along with other great artists over at the Hyena Gallery. Oh, and it’s also for sale. So if you’re looking for “rare” Witchipoo art, this would be the perfect opportunity. Since I can’t be there in person (school), this would be the next best thing. Actually, even better.

"Rozz." Done October 2010. Mediums: pen, ink, ink wash and watercolor. Edges were hand-burned to give it a little bit of that old school Death Rock/Goth touch. Framed. For sale at the Necessary Discomforts (An Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams), taking place at the Hyena Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Artist: Michele Witchipoo.

The Necessary Discomforts exhibit will be on display from November 12 – November 14 2010. Opening reception: Saturday, November 13th, 2010. Time: 8pm-midnight. Address: 1928 W. Olive Blvd., Burbank, California. There will be an official after-show party at Bar Sinister.

Revised/Updated Flyer For Unnecessary Discomforts (Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams) Event

The NY Art Book Fair At PS 1, Nov. 2010

After attending King Con  in Brooklyn, the next day was spent in Queens. What Queens had to offer was the fifth annual NY Art Book Fair, held at MoMA/PS 1.

Before arriving at PS1, there was the NYC Marathon taking place. Here’s a cell pics:

PS1 wasn’t too far off from the NYC Marathon path. Once there, I caught some examples of arty pretentiousness, but overall it was still interesting to see an alternative press fair. The event took over the entire space over at PS 1, located in Long Island City. The NY Art Book Fair was presented by Printed Matter, who is world”s largest non-profit organization dedicated to publications made by artists. Basically it showcasing underground press, both old and new.

Strangely enough, when I saw a lot of zines from days of old, that old retro feeling started to creep in. That old retro feeling was something I was not expecting.

There was three floors full of variety of the NY Art Book Fair, so I took crappy cell pics of the sights that caught my eye.


Display at NY Art Book Fair 2010


Act-Up T-shirts from the '80s/early 90s. Having gone to high school in Manhattan, and hanging out downtown after school, seeing these shirts brought back memories.



Another artifact from the underground past. The Riot Grrl movement produced a lot of fanzines from early to mid 1990s.


Here's an art scandal from the 1980s. For those who don't know, artist Jeff Koons was married to porn star Cicciolina. Cicciolina, also known as Ilona Staller, served as a member of the Italian parliament. After having a child together, they soon divored.


More items on display.


World War Three Illustrated table at the NY Art Book Fair 2010.
Guerrilla Girls also had a table at the NY Art Book Fair show.

The Last Museum At The New

Went to the New Museum yesterday, to check out the Brion Gysin retrospective. For those who don’t know, Brion Gysin (1916 – 1986) was a multifaceted subversive. To define this person, imagine looking up the phase “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”; next to that phase is a photography of Brion Gysin. As an artist, he tried his hand at everything, from painting, collages, poetry, film, and musical collaborations. Gysin is best known by his collaborations with writer William Burroughs and the ‘cut-up’ method.

Personally speaking…although William Burroughs is more known, I’m more fascinated with Brion Gysin.

Since this weekend was the last of the Brion Gysin exhibit over at The New Museum, I made a mini-pilgrimage. The entire second floor was dedicated to Gysin. Prints, paintings, typed correspondence between Burroughs and Gysin. You could see various sigils and glyphs within Gyson’s work, as the artist experimented with Asemic writing. There was also book layouts, photographs, and collages. In separate rooms was two short films, a slide show, and actual dream machine. The dream machine section was dark, except for small black floor pillows for the viewer to sit on.

So I stuck in some video and tried to tape in dream machine in 23 seconds. Couldn’t click off the iPhone in time so it ends at 25.

“Brion Gysin: Dream Machine” at The New Museum ends its run tomorrow, Oct. 3rd, 2010.