Worlds Beyond On Sale Now

‘There are other worlds, similar to ours but different in many respects. They may be alien worlds in galaxies far away, worlds in which humanity has met its dreadful end, worlds that already exist within our future. The possibilities stretch only as far as the imagination. But, no matter where, when or how these worlds exist, they are all one thing…WORLDS BEYOND.’

Worlds Beyond: A CAG Prose Anthology Book Cover. Art by James Rodriguez.

I’ve done two illustrations for this quasi-prose anthology book ‘Worlds Beyond’ published by CAG (Comicbook Artist Guild). The two stories: Sci-Fi short ‘Cult Movie’ written by Scott Sheaffer and the zombie piece, ‘Bad Reception’ by Lindsay Kraemer.

It’s on sale now. You can order by clicking on the below link:

Oh yeah, and an error was made on my bio. It slipped past the editor’s eye. Somehow instead of ‘native’ I’m a ‘naive’ New Yorker. Hey, at least my artwork looks good. Hopefully this will be corrected soon.