Nominate Shitty Mickey For Best Webcomic (7th Annual ECNY Awards)!

Hello folks. It’s me, with another voting request. Unlike CAG, there will be no shady deals behind the scenes – this one is legit!

Nominate Shitty Mickey for Best Webcomic! (Or ‘Satire’). The nomination will be for the 7th Annual ECNY awards (Excellence In Comedy New York City)

You can put down Best Webcomic – Shitty Mickey by John Reed and Michele Witchipoo or Best Satire – Shitty Mickey by John Reed and Michele Witchipoo.

Consider this a virtual equivalent to a holiday card.



Shitty Mickey Episode Four Now On Brooklyn Rail Website

The subject header says it all. The Brooklyn Rail has posted episode four of the webcomic Shitty Mickey:

Written by John Reed and drawn by Michele Witchipoo