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Usually I post a new sketch every Monday. This week I’ve been late.


To make up for this, I did not only one, but three sketches. The last sketch will be posted on time next Monday. Promise.

Onto the second sketch. Just commenting on a holiday I’m not particularly fond of. Spoken about this before. Not going to bore with my disdain. I’ll let the sketch speak of itself.


So enjoy your amateur drinking day, and remember that there were never any snakes in Ireland.

If that didn’t piss you off, you can always follow me on other social media. Facebook: Psycho Bunny comix, Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress, and my hobby, taking photos while riding NYC transit called Wildlife On The MTA. There’s also Twitter for myself, and for Psycho Bunny. There is something called Tumblr. Last, there’s always my Instagram account, Witchipoo Art.


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Here’s a belated post. Trying to catch up with the Psycho Bunny and Inktober sketches.

The annual New York Comic Con 2017 happened during the weekend of Oct. 5 – 8. Had my pro pass for all four days. The cosplay was on point this year. Saw some friends, checked out what NYCC had to offer. Back in 2010, I had a table at NYCC, in Artist Alley. Perhaps one day I’ll have a table again.

Yet Psycho Bunny himself wasn’t too happy. Introducing the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week.


Psycho Bunny goes to New York Comic Con 2017. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo, from WitchesBrewPress. Oct. 2017. 

Will get around to posting the other sketches in the 2017 Inktober theme. Meanwhile, here’s the usual plugs. Check out the various social media: Facebook pages for Psycho Bunny and Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts for Psycho Bunny and Michele Witchipoo. You can purchase items from my RedBubble shop. And if you’re going to stalk me, at least be classy about it. Actually stalking’s not funny, but I digress…

Stay tuned for my NYCC 2017 recap, and Inktober sketches.

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Occasionally I’ll send drawings to Sketch Lottery. Recently that site had a special anniversary edition, where you can draw any subject from the past character list. It gave me a chance to draw two of my favorite comic book characters, Buddy Bradley and Tank Girl.

The first one submitted was actually from my early childhood. Grover from Sesame Street. This time I threw in a Rockabilly twist.


The second one was Buddy Bradley from Hate Magazine. Hate Magazine is a comic written and drawn by one of my top ten cartoonists, Peter Bagge. Buddy started as disgruntled member of a dysfunctional family. Later Buddy moved to Seattle getting caught up in the burgeoning late ’80s/early ’90s Grunge scene. Eventually Buddy moved back to his hometown in New Jersey where he more or less matured. After marrying his neurotic girlfriend Lisa, he settled down with a family while maintaining his own business. I took the ’90s Grunge Buddy, making him into a 2017 Hipster Buddy. The type that you can find in a Bushwick watering hole like The Cobra Club.


Number three was a show I watched on and off during the early 2000s. If you remember Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then you remember Meatwad. Did the show itself make any sense? Of course not, but maybe it wasn’t supposed to.

Here you can see the Aqua team on a vintage valentine design. Like the type you used to give to your classmates straight out of the box brought from the drug store. Sometimes I think that was more fun than the later adult valentines.


Last one up is Tank Girl. Back in the early ’90s, I was introduced to Tank Girl by my UK friend Jason. He took a chance and mailed me a copy. Too bad the movie version tanked, but that’s a different story. Still not as bad as 1995’s Judge Dredd. Where I sat in a theater as the entire audience heckled the film. Good times.

Personally I could’ve done a better job with this sketch. It was late but I was pushing myself to draw Tank Girl before the deadline. Will have to do another version if Sketch Lottery has another anniversary edition.


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My rendition of Snoopy has been posted on Sketch Lottery. Mixed him up a bit with another popular character. Guess which one – well click on the link and find out. Good grief!


Snoopy Drawn for Sketch Lottery Dec. 2016 by Michele Witchipoo. 

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Yesterday I submitted a sketch to this site:


Sketch Lottery is an open sketch blog which encourages artists of all levels to participate. Once a week it picks a well known pop culture character, and people submit sketches backed on the theme. On this round, the main character from the comic ‘My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer’ was picked. So I sent in a jpg of my sketch done mostly in black and red ink.

So far Sketch Lottery has done characters such as Tank Girl, Alf, Rat Fink, King Kong, and many more. I’m hoping Buddy Bradley from Peter Bagge’s Hate will be in the roll call again. If you want to try your hand at this, just make sure you read the rules, which are pretty straightforward.

Back to the comic My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer. Written and drawn by Ken Knudtsen, the plot centers around a boy monkey forced to be an annoying girl’s pet while wearing dresses. It was published by Slave Labor Graphics in 2003 and 2010.

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I like keeping sketchbooks around. My preference are the compact mini sized ones. Usually cause they’re easier to carry. Also like them cause many of them have nice front covers. One tiny blank sketchbook I found in Jackson Heights, Queens in 2008 had Indian fabric covering the book.

Now I don’t go through sketchbooks like some of my peers. The regular artist blank sketchbooks I tend to go through rather quickly, but the fancy mini ones takes years to complete. A personalized mini sketchbook full of your art also makes a nice gift for a loved one. I did once or twice. As for my own fancy mini sketchbooks, still working on one or two towards completion.

Typically I’ll go with a medium theme. One fancy cover mini sketchbook had nothing but colored pencil artwork. Another one was just of drawings done with Copic markers. As I was going through photographs to delete on my iPad, I came across some done last year in my mixed medium mini book. Done last summer, these are a few pics I’m posting.

I’m not a huge Superman fan per say. Just did this sketch more or less out of nostalgia. When I was a small child, the films with Christopher Reeves were huge. My father took me to see Superman One and Two. Later on caught the disastrous sequel starring Reeves with Richard Pyror. That’s when this 80’s franchise “jumped the shark.”

Found a DC graphic novel and challenged myself to do this famous DC character.  Sketch by Michele Witchipoo. Summer 2013.

Found a DC graphic novel and challenged myself to do this famous DC character. Sketch by Michele Witchipoo. Summer 2013.

Upclose shot of Superman sketch. Done by Michele Witchipoo, summer 2013. Personal sketch.

Upclose shot of Superman sketch. Done by Michele Witchipoo, summer 2013. Personal sketch.

Grant Morrison once compared the Superman character to a Greek mythology figure within a magickal element. I forgot what his comparison was exactly. Anyone into esoterica won’t find it hard to see the correspondence. Funny how I’m mentioning this, as I haven’t read anything Morrison’s done in a while.

My rendition of Vaughn Bode's Cheech Wizard character. Done by Michele Witchipoo, Summer 2013.

My rendition of Vaughn Bode’s Cheech Wizard character. Done by Michele Witchipoo, Summer 2013.

Next is my rendition of Vaughn Bode’s Cheech Wizard character. I didn’t recognize the influence Bode had on me until years later. When I did Superman, it was more of a challenge. With Cheech Wizard, this one was more fun re-creating. I just remember graffiti artists being really taken in with Bode’s work, and his son Mark has carried his father’s torch.

The Goddess of The Air Conditioner. Character created and drawn by Michele Witchipoo. This sketch done in 2013. Character itself created by Michele Witchipoo around 2004.

The Goddess of The Air Conditioner. Character created and drawn by Michele Witchipoo. This sketch done in 2013. Character itself created by Michele Witchipoo around 2004.

Do you know this character? Of course not. Because I created her. It started off when I was really into learning about different mythological goddess. Since I hate summer, she was created. This goddess will give you solace just as long as you pay your electric bill. In reality, the modern air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier, but hey. Work with me here.

Rendition of Louise from the television show "Bob's Burgers." Sketch done by Michele Witchipoo, Summer 2013.

Rendition of Louise from the television show “Bob’s Burgers.” Sketch done by Michele Witchipoo, Summer 2013.

Okay, back to my sketchbook. Last one is Louise, one of the breakout characters from my current favorite show “Bob’s Burgers.” I love Louise. I can relate to her older sister Tina a bit, but I really feel I’m more of Louise. Bob’s Burgers is one of the very few television shows I’ll watch nowadays. I gladly canceled cable, but I try to catch up on the current episodes via Internet.

That’s it for now. Until next time.

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Continuing with the trend of uploading old work…

For those who don’t know about mercury in retrograde, it’s basically this: the astrology’s version of murphy’s law. What can go wrong. Mercury rules the intellect, communication, learning. So when mercury is in retrograde, expect things like miscommunication, crossed signals, etc. For example, computer crashes are more likely to happen during this time. Oh, and even though we’re going forward, with the merc in retro it seems as if everything is going backwards. Not all is hopeless though. When mercury is in retrograde, it can be used as a time to reflect. Don’t be surprised if an old long lost buddy emails you out of the blue. The past is often reflected on, a time to look back and review.

With that, here’s two old pieces:

Crowley pencil sketch, circa 2002. Basic Crowley pen & ink circa 2002. Kinda cheesy when I look at this now.

Basic Crowley pen & ink circa 2002. Kinda cheesy when I look at this now.

Looking back at the Crowley pen & ink piece…makes me cringe now. To me it’s a bit cheesy. I mean, the inverted pentagram inside Crowley’s eyes? C’mon. Eh, maybe Kenneth Anger would be proud, dunno. Other than that, it’s still not that bad. Speaking of cheesy, you know what is cheesy? That Ozzy song “Mr. Crowley.” A better anthem would be Current 93’s “Crowleymass.” So don’t give us no sass or we’ll kick your ass.

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