Conceal This!

This is kinda clever, I suppose.

A few years back, I did catch a few episodes of Miami Ink. Didn’t think that much of the show except for Kat Von D.Guess that’s why she ended up getting her own program. Still prefer Tattoo Highway but hey.

Don’t hate on Kat too much. First of all, she is naturally beautiful, and knows how to style herself. Nothing wrong with making a buck by being simply yourself.

Anyway, Kat Von D has created a line for Sephora, the makeup and skin care brand. Apparently her and the corps that be figured out a few things. Since tattoos are getting more popular, there’s also more of a demand for temporary cover-up. You know, for job interviews, auditions, crappy family functions, running away from the law, etc. Whatever the occasion, its a cute idea. Never know when it might come in handy. Not just for tat cover-ups, the product also has multiple uses.