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Came across this article today. It was published last year, granted. You can read it here.

Seth McFarlane was apparently being sued on the premises that he stole the idea for his 2012 film ‘Ted’ from two animators who had a similar character on a web series.

Back in late 2008, a so-called “friend” told me she met Seth MacFarlane’s manager online, and that his manager was very interested in my Psycho Bunny comic. Now there was something strange about this whole set-up from the get go…but she kept on insisting that this “manager” was interested in my comic, and was going to turn it into a television show. Okay. She wouldn’t let me speak to him, and was very vague about his name. She kept on insisting on giving her a PDF copy of my comic so she could pass on to him. Finally I persisted.She gave me some generic name…my gut instincts started to kick in.

Long story short. I slowly began to cut off my contact with her.

Then “The Cleveland Show” premiered. The funny thing about that show was it had a bear character who wears no pants. I have a bear character in my comic who wears no pants. I thought about how my ex-friend, who kept on insisting she knew someone who worked with Seth MacFarlane and how she wanted to pass my comic onto him, etc., and how this person was sold on the idea. In reality, there was nothing I could do and hoped it was really just a coincidence.

“The Cleveland Show” has since been canceled. Prior to the cancellation, I stopped speaking to my ex-friend with all these industry “connections.” Once she realized I wasn’t going along with her plans, she quickly blocked me, and befriended my bitter foes. This was someone who she swore was my good pal. Wasn’t surprised to say the least. She may be a hard worker, but within the year of our friendship, she kept on dropping these little white lies here and there…along with other things.. basically it was time to end it. I’m not going to mention names. Not here. But I’m so quite sure that if she was confronted with this, she would completely bullshit her way out. It left me feeling like this: although she never did get a PDF file of my comic, and once I informed her that my comic was indeed copyrighted, she backed off. No, she didn’t get what she wanted from me. Still, I felt the knife in my back. Anyone who’s worked on a creative project and even suspects having their ideals ripped off and/or sabotaged in anyway by someone that you personally knew…basically you feel betrayed.

ANYWAY…so today I came across this article. Couldn’t help but notice the slight similarities. Coincidence?

Don’t get me wrong. At the end of the day, I’m still a fan of Seth MacFarlane, and Family Guy. But my experience with someone who claimed to have spoken to MacFarlane’s manager via internet and claims his manager was very interested in my idea…(shakes head)…it’s made me weary.

It’s only now that I feel I’m able to speak about this.


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At my table I sold the latest issue of Babalon Babes, Psycho Bunny, assorted prints and issues of IF-X that I had done cover art for. In a back-handed way, its an odd compliment if a comic fan tries to steal one of your books. Especially if you’re an unknown artist. Okay, I’ll explain.

Cover for Babalon Babes No. 4, The Astrology Issue

So here I am at the show, when another pair of two young girls approach my table. As the girls were looking through my prints, a young male, probably about 13-14 years of age comes over to where Babalon Babes No. 4 was displayed. The girls were asking about the magnets, in which I replied the magnets were free with a purchase. So the guy standing next to the girl on the left, takes a magnet, and then Babalon Babes No. 4. Tries to walk away without paying. “Three dollars please” was my response. As the guy pretended he didn’t hear me, the girl standing on the left snatches the issue away from the boy’s grubby paws, slightly sucked her teeth in annoyance and puts the book back on the table.

Centerfold For Babalon Babes Issue 4

The girls leave, but the delinquent pre-teen stays behind. He looks at the issue of Babalon Babes No. 4 again. He picks up the issue and attempts to walk away again. Apparently this kid wasn’t so slick because he blatantly tried the thievery right in front of me. “Three dollars” was my second response. Again the kid turns around and puts Babalon Babes back in its rightful place on my table.

An adult couple walk up to my table, and they like what they see. Sold the very last Babalon Babes 2010 desk calendar to the dreadlocked gentlemen as his female companion purchases a Psycho Bunny sampler. Well wouldn’t you know it, during this transaction, the kid attempts yet again. He probably figured the third time might be a charm. Obviously the charm didn’t work, particularly when I observed him staring longingly at Babalon Babes for a good 5-10 minutes. And no, taking off his gray stripped sweater to disguise himself didn’t help. Nice try, but if he wanted an issue it was going to be three bucks. At this point I was starting to sound like that newspaper boy from that 80’s film ‘Better Off Dead.’ All I needed was John Cusack to show up any second. Two dollars!

Pisces Interpertation From Babalon Babes Issue 4. By Michele Witchipoo. Copyright 2009-2010.

I thought I had gotten rid of this sticky fingered pest after the third failed heist. After he left empty handed, I couldn’t help but snicker. It was kinda funny in an twisted way. Hey, you can laugh, I won’t get mad. Had to admit this whole exchange was kinda amusing. Now had he succeeded, that would’ve been a different story. Nice to know that my time in retail has served me well.

It suddenly dawned on me; the kid in question wasn’t your typical klepto. If he had wanted to just steal, he would’ve taken anything from anybody. However, his focus was on Babalon Babes No. 4. So in a way you know your stuff is good if people try to steal your product. Go figure.

If this kid wanted the item so bad, I would’ve given him the book in the end. I’m not such a hard ass, you know. However, had to extra careful because this preteen was exactly that-underage! All I needed was for him to have the book in his hands, and I would get in trouble for ‘corrupting minors.’ No thank you.

Then I started remembering back to when I was a preteen. Good old puberty. Those formative years where we discover what turns us on as human beings. Started to recall the stories that various exes and friends would tell me about what got them off during those precious years. Once again I realized that not only was this kid focused on stealing this one particular sketchbook, but he probably had something else in mind. Dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into this. Yet it wouldn’t surprise me that years later he’ll probably tell his girlfriend, or (most likely) his prison cellmate about this little self-published comic from way back when.

However, what I can suggest to Shifty Le Pew is to check out Abbie Hoffman’s classic, ‘Steal This Book.’ You don’t even have to physically steal the book, just read it online right here. ‘Cause if you’re gonna steal something in life, make sure you do it right. Just don’t go around stealing my shit.

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