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Now finally have a chance to catch up on blog posts. Here’s a zine show I took part of on Friday, Oct. 13th, 2017.


The zine show was within a bigger art opening titled Transparency, taking place at Brooklyn Fireproof,  Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was part of an art collective called Trans-cen-der. The event even had a brief mention on the Bushwick Bomb website. The zine part was curated by illustrator/sculptor/painter/print-maker Danielle-Draik.


Flyer for the Transparency show at Trans-cen-der at Brooklyn Fireproof, Oct. 13th, 2017.

The turn-out was pretty good. In the zine section, there was a variety of self-published comics and zines on display. Two of my titles, Psycho Bunny #3.25, and the last issue of Babalon Babes (astrology issue) were shown.

In another room was sculptures by Colin Radcliffe, titled Uninvited Guests.


Sculptures by Colin Radcliffe, shown during his solo show at Transparency. Oct. 13th, 2017.

The entire exhibit will run until Nov. 3rd, 2017.

Hazel Lee Santino


Zine section from the Transparency exhibit, Trans-cen-der, at Brooklyn Fireproof. Friday Oct. 13th, 2017.  





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This Saturday I’ll be at this one day zine fest happening near L.I.C., Queens, NYC. It’s free admission from 2-6pm, located at 34-09 Queens Blvd & 43rd Avenue.

Zine Fair Flyer

Flyer for the Artist & Craftsman Zine Fest happening in L.I.C., Queens NY on Saturday June 24th, 2017.

You can check out the info on Facebook here.

Pfft…btw. Check out the Facebook pages for Psycho Bunny and Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress.

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They say in space no one can hear you scream. Unless you’re Psycho Bunny.


This Saturday, I’ll be at the Artist & Craftsman Pop-Up Zine Fest and Swap happening in L.I.C., Queens, NY. Free admission, from 2 – 6pm.

Zine Fair Flyer

Ending this post with the usual plugs. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook pages for Psycho Bunny Comix and Michele Witchipoo – WitchesBrewPress. There’s also Instagram, WitchipooArt. On Twitter there’s Mr. Psycho Bunny and Michele Witchipoo. Till next time, or at least until the next blog post.

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My blog, WitchesBrewPress has been nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous comic book blogger and writer, Henry Chamberlain.  Hooray!


So what is an Liebster Award anyway? Glad you asked. A Liebster Award nomination is a way to draw attention to current blogs. As Henry Chamberlain posted in Comics Grinder, ‘These emerging blogs (currently with less than 200 loyal followers) with quality content that, for various reasons, deserves a shout-out.’ 

It’s nice to be nominated, especially when it’s from another fellow blogger. I consider this nomination to be an honor. As a result, now it’s time to take this blog up to the next level. More artwork, observations, and personal musings is on the agenda. Perhaps I’ll finally get around to that Nettie and Squeaky webcomic I had posted about last summer.


List 11 facts about myself
Nominate 11 bloggers for the award
Let them know about the nomination
Answer the 11 questions asked when nominated
Ask 11 questions for the new nominees to answer.

WitchesBrewPress Nominates the following blogs for a Liebster Award:

Ben Herman – comics, Doctor Who and musings.

Alison Louise Hay – pink haired ex-wife of former Culture Club guitarist Roy Hay.

thecarbonbasedmistake – zines, books and trades. Side project includes The Art Exchange Program.

Cats vs Bunnies – weekly webcomic.

Alcohol Cats – cat lovers’ delight. woman working to save animals has two cats named Bacardi and Smirnoff.

Art by Paul Donnison – graphic designer and illustrator.

Josh Neufeld – artist/writer behind the best selling graphic novel A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.

4iB Records – indie Industrial/Experimental/Noise. Record label and music promotion.

Judith Vanistendael – illustrator

Beef Knuckles – zines and comics

Black Cat In The Street – photography blog.


1. A naive of New York City. Born in The Bronx, raised in Queens. There was a time I moved out of NYC. After two years I thought better – so I moved right back. New York City had, and still does hold a definite influence upon my work. It may not be so apparent. Sometimes it’s subtle, but it’s there.

2. I’m a self-taught artist. Ever since I was a child, I was always drawing and writing. There was a time during the 1990s when I stopped. In 1998 I slowly started to sketch again. Didn’t start taking art seriously until the early 2000s. Never looked back since.

3. My childhood was spent in the 1970s, my teen years in the 80s, my twenties a blur during the ’90s. A lot of the pop, underground culture and music culture that have influenced me came from those three decades.

Psycho Bunny March 2011. Acrylic on illustration board. Artist: Michele Witchipoo

Psycho Bunny March 2011. Acrylic on illustration board. Artist: Michele Witchipoo

4. Studied graphic design, but my passion is more with illustration, cartooning and fine art. It all connects anyway. Since 2004 I’ve self-published a comic on and off titled Psycho Bunny. He’s an alcoholic, unemployed rabbit with anger issues.

5. During the 1990s I discovered tarot cards. Learning how to read them opened up a whole different world for me. Occasionally I would read tarot professionally. These readings would be either personal, or at nightclub parties. It wasn’t very often, but when I did, people told me I was quite good. In turn, this helped sparked off my interest in anything esoteric. Nowadays, I don’t pursue that field anymore, but tarot still remains.

6. Comparative religions is an interest of mine. My interest used to be stronger ten years ago, but just like different fields of art, it all connects. For the past three years I started to adopt a more agnostic stance. Lately though, I’ve been reconsidering. Having said that, I do not believe in following one religion per say. Maybe it’s better not to follow any religion, period. In the end it’s best to forge your path, not subscribe to any particular faith. My observations and opinions about theology are always changing. Therefore the observations and opinions I hold might be completely different next year.

7. I like Dystopian science fiction. Was keen on it during my junior high years, but dropped it during high school. By then, music had taken up most of my time. Particularly Siouxsie and The Banshees. My interest reemerged thanks an English professor. His course reintroduced me to dystopia literature, which I find at times prophetic.

8. I will be the first to admit my music tastes are now considered dated. Don’t really care for the current crop of new music out there. There are a few exceptions, but I mostly stick to post-punk/alternative/new wave/experimental bands from the 80s. Occasionally tunes from the 90s and 70s will creep up. I’m more likely to check out a local band rather than patronize a concert venue, with a few exceptions.

"I Love Muttley" Fan art by Michele Witchipoo, 2009.

“I Love Muttley” Fan art by Michele Witchipoo, 2009.

9. My favorite animation character is Muttley from Wacky Races.

10. My all time favorite comic is Love and Rockets by Los Hernandez Bros. Both Xamie and Beto are geniuses. My favorite newspaper comic strip is Peanuts. I remember reading Doonesbury, Haggar The Horrible, Brenda Starr, Curtis, Dondi, Calvin and Hobbes, and Bloom County growing up. Bloom County ruled! Everyone loved Bill The Cat, but I was more partial to Opus.

11. Everyone should have a Hunter S. Thompson style weekend at least once in their lives.


1. Do you think we need to do away with capitalism altogether or do you see an alternative or do you prefer to pretty much leave things as they are?

Good question. I don’t know if we need to do away with capitalism altogether, but some serious changes are needed. I feel that many corporations have too much control with lobby groups, working with local government, greed, etc.

2. What excites you?

Having my artwork published, either in print or on the web. That could be either being published by others, or self-publishing my own comics. Completing creative projects. New projects, experiences, adventures. Being in love.

3. When was the last time you told someone that you loved them? Does that inspire a story you want to share?

Told someone I loved them recently. Does it inspire any stories per say? Not at the moment. It inspires more artwork if anything.

4. If you could live on the Moon, or Mars, would you and why?

Mars. Silly as this sounds, my astrology sign is ruled by Mars. I could be a moonchilde, but Mars seems to fit more of my nature.

5. What do you expect to happen when you die and beyond?

Rot, dead and buried into the ground. If there is such thing as reincarnation, I’d like to come back as a nice, well-taken care of house cat. Just as long as my human caretaker is humane.

6. Describe a compelling experience you’ve had with nature.

Back in the spring and summer of 2007, I stayed at this nature retreat center located in the Midwest. It’s rural, private surroundings were open to people of all different spiritual traditions, philosophies, sexual orientations and lifestyles while promoting connecting to the land and the people on it. There were plenty of places to hike, meditate, swim, camp or just simply gather. During 2007 I stayed in a cabin on the premises.

I remember this one time, it was after everyone had gone to sleep. Since I grew up in an urban environment, I’m used to all night street lights, constant noise, maybe some foot traffic. At this nature retreat, it was different. If you wanted to walk around, you definitely needed a flashlight. There was no noise. Just a few scattered sounds from nature. Complete darkness. Stillness. No man-made distractions such as television background buzz. I sat down in front of the simple cabin I was staying in. It was late night, and everyone else had either gone back to town. Imagined that this is what it probably felt like during colonial settler days, or before the Industrial Revolution.

7. What book has inspired you?

I don’t have a favorite book per say. What I can do is tell which writers I’m fond of: Anais Nin, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Hubert Selby Jr.

Read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood for an English course last spring. Not too proud to admit reading the occasional celebrity autobiography. I have Take It Like A Man by Boy George, and Tainted Life by Marc Almond. When I was growing up, my father would always buy biographies and autobiographies on all the classic movie stars. Books about Montgomery Cliff, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner. I read them all.

8. What movie has inspired you?

Again, I don’t have a particular movie in mind. It varies, and depends on my mood. I like film directors like Stanley Kubrick, John Waters, and Kenneth Anger. The first few films from Kevin Smith were good. Of course there’s always the Sci-fi and Horror genres. Some of my all time faves are Last Tango In Paris, Andy Warhol’s Bad, Clerks, Phantom of Paradise, and Christiane F. I like a lot of obscure, cult, midnight, art house, 70s porno chic and exploitation flicks. During my teen years, I was really into films like A Clockwork Orange, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and assorted bad horror films.

9. Do you have a tattoo or would you consider getting one? Or is there something badass you’ve done that you’d like to share?

I have a tattoo. A few of them actually. The one I usually get the most compliments on is the replica of the high priestess tarot card from the Rider-Waite deck. It’s located on my right upper arm. With that I highly recommend True Blue tattoos, located in Queens, NY.

Despite this, I don’t think tattoos are so “badass” anymore. If anything, tattoo culture has been incorporated in the mainstream. Still, some amazing artists I’ve meet have been tattoo artists.

10. Your gut reaction: Which title do you prefer, “A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories” or “Alice in New York and Other Stories”? And why?

“Alice in New York and Other Stories” is the one preferred. Although both titles work fine. It was more or less the name Alice itself.

11. What do you hope to see in your lifetime?

Well….at the risk of sounding like a hippy…I’m sorta misanthropic, but I’m an optimistic misanthrope.

Get rid of kill shelters for homeless pets. Have more help available for these homeless and abused pets. More support for the no kill shelters. Do away with kitten/puppy mills. Get horse driven carriages off the streets of NYC. Better awareness of animal rights. Such as get rid of poaching, unnecessary hunting for sport, etc. Harsher punishment for humans who abuse and neglect animals.

Find a cure for AIDS. An invention of a HIV vaccine.

Maybe see a woman U.S. president – just as long as she’s not Republican.


1. You’ve been given approximately 48 hours to live. As compensation, you have received 500,000 dollars. The entire amount must be spent a half hour before you pass away. Leave no money behind. What would you do?

2. List an all time favorite book.

3. Name your favorite film.

4. When making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which do you put on first: the peanut butter, or the jelly? Inquiring minds want to know.

5. Just who the hell are you? Explain.

6. Finish This! Q: Are We Not Men? We are…

7. Who would you rather be: Oscar or Felix?

8. Name your all time favorite comic book.

9. Name a favorite band or singer, and why. If no favorite musician, then list a favorite album.

10. Imagine you could go on a picnic with a dead historical icon. You’ll get to spend the whole day with this deceased person. Who would it be and why? It could be an artist, musician, writer, poet, thespian, religious, spiritual, scientist, explorer, academic, political figure, hero, villain, or whomever. What kind of picnic would you have? Yogi Bear may or may not be invited.

11. Post a favorite quote. The quote could be from anywhere: a philosopher, a book, a film, book, comic, song, etc. Don’t forget to name it’s source and who said it.

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My two self-published comics/zines were featured in the Art & Exchange blog. Check it out:


You can always order your own copies of either the last Psycho Bunny mini issue #3.25 for $3.00 ($2.00 plus $1.00 S&H) or Babalon Babes issue 4, the astrology theme $4.00 ($3.00 + $1.00 for S&H). If ordering one or more issue shipping will be combined. You can order from the website:


I also accept PayPal with the email: witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net. Just specify which issue you would like when ordering.

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Decided to dip my toes in the Esty pool. Introducing my new ‘official’ Esty shop:

Banner for Michele Witchipoo’s Esty store. August 2012.
Esty URL: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WitchesBrewPress

I’ll be selling original artwork such as paintings, prints, illustrations, and of course my comic books. Although I only have a few items posted for now, keep checking up for the latest additions.

Here’s the link to my little Esty shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WitchesBrewPress

Of course, i f you don’t like Esty, you can always order my comics through my own website: www.witchesbrewpress.com

If you’re interested in commissions, simply email me for more info: Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net.




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So I’m finally trying to get my website together. Here I was, typing my bio to post on my future website. As I was listing stuff I’ve done, I remembered contributing artwork for a UK club fanzine. My long time friend Jason used to publish a little ditty titled ‘Urban Groove.’ After his last trip to the US, Jason decided to put together his own ‘zine. The zine’s content focused on what he loved the most, which at the time was raves, music and clubbing. Jason asked me for some artwork, and at the time I thought nothing of it. This was way before I had decided to use a ‘pen name.’ Ironically, it was my friends Jason and Bejay who had always encouraged me to do something with my cartooning, artwork, and whatnot. I still consider those two, along with a few others to still count as my friends. Everyone else I knew back then…they’re long, long gone.

Jason’s skills as a professional printer back in Newport, Wales, proved to be in his favor as he was putting together issues of Urban Groove. Here’s the cover of one of his Urban Groove issues, dating to Winter 1998-1999:

UK based “Urban Groove” fanzine, winter 1998 – 1999. Published by Jason Mee. Some of my early artwork was used for this issue.

The photo of the skyline you see on the cover is when me and Jason went to visit the U.N. He used the NYC background as part of the fanzine cover design.

Another page from this issue. My artwork hadn’t fully developed yet, but the core was there.

Page from the UK fanzine “Urban Groove” dated winter 1998 – 1999. Published by Jason Mee. Angel cartoon drawn by Michele Witchipoo, dated 1997. That drawing was later used for some handmade Christmas/holiday cards, given to my friends around that time.

Here’s the centerfold of the ‘zine, with my drawing placed in the middle of the layout:

Centerfold layout from the UK fanzine “Urban Groove.” Published by Jason Mee during the late 1990s. Drawing by Michele Witchipoo, dated either 1997 or 1998.

I hadn’t looked through issues of “Urban Groove” in years. To my dismay, I had totally forgotten a photo Jason had published of me. This was back when I was thinner, and much cuter. Still surprised that this snapshot was used. This was back when I was a redhead. I’m the shorter one, on the left.

Advertisement in the back of the UK fanzine, “Urban Groove” for subscriptions. Photo taken in 1996 or 1997. Urban Groove was published by Jason Mee during the late 1990s.

I don’t think I would ever pose for a photo such as this today. Maybe as a joke. Similar to when I took part in a zombie beauty pageant back in December 2011. I knew I had no chance in winning, but did it more for the laughs. Being obnoxious, I suppose. But to pose for something like this? Not likely.Then again, the person in the photograph is nothing like the person I’ve become nowadays. After all, people do change.

Urban Groove stopped publication a long time ago. Jason moved on, and now finds work as a photographer. He mostly photographs sexy pin-ups.

Thus so ends another short trip down memory lane.

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