New Blog, Different Day

Hey everyone, well I’m new here. Not my first time blogging, but I learned some vauable lessons along the way. For example, not everyone needs to hear your “personal” business…ahem.

Anyway, on this blog, I’m going to be promoting myself, not gonna lie. You’re gonna see posts of my artwork, comics, etc. You’ll hear updates on any so-called appearances via comic cons. Any stores that will be carrying any copies of either Psycho Bunny or Babalon Babes, you’ll get the 411 on that. Oh, and my new website should be coming up soon, no question I’ll post any upcoming info on here.

Speaking of which, this weekend I’m going to be at the MOCCA Art Fest 2009. For those in the NYC area, this year’s MOCCA Art Fest will be moved from the Puck Building to 69th Regiment Armory located at 68 Lexington Avenue, between 25th and 26th Streets. Admission is $10 per day, $15 per weekend, MoCCA Members: $10 per weekend.

To quote The Village Voice: “the best small-press nexus (anywhere!)” Now BIGGER than ever! An incredible weekend of comic and cartoon art exhibitors, panels, lectures, sketches, autographs, and more! Thousands come every summer to meet and purchase works from some of the world’s best cartoonists, animators, and graphic novelists.”

So if you’re planning to stop by, come and say hello at my table.