LaVeyan Doppelgänger

Ming the Merciless: “Klytus, I’m bored. What plaything can you offer me today?”

Been watching the 1980 film ‘Flash Gordon.’ Then it dawned on me…

Ming The Merciless, the villain from Flash Gordon could be considered a doppelgänger for Anton LaVey. Check it out:

Ming The Merciless, villain from Flash Gordon & Anton LaVey, founder of Church of Satan.

Anton Szandor LaVey: Born Howard Stanton LaVey on 11th April, 1930. Founder of Church of Satan and LaVeyan Satanism. Author of The Satanic Bible and other Satanic literature. Other accomplishments are, musician, occultist, celebrity personality. Most of his teachings are claimed to be based on the human nature, individualism, and materialism. Anton died on 29th October, 1997. At that time he was the High Priest of Church of Satan. Associated with: Jayne Mansfield, Susan “Sadie Mae Gultz” Atkins, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Manson, and Boyd Rice. Boyd Rice took over CoS as High Priest, September 2010 (news).

A little help from Anton's friends: Jayne Mansfield & Susan Atkins
Ming From the 1980 film Flash Gordon

Ming The Merciless: (quoted from Wikipedia) fictional character who first appeared in the Flash Gordon comic strip in 1934. He has since been the main villain of the strip and its related movie serials, TV shows and film adaptation.

Both Anton and Ming had hot-looking daughters.

Other cheesy websites have printed pics of Ming & Anton next to each other, with no further explanation.

In the meantime, here’s Shitty Mickey doing his own occultist thing…

Love in San Franscisco. All hail Shitty Mickey. From the webcomic by John Reed & Michele Witchipoo


Necessary Discomforts Artwork Now Online For Sale

For those who can’t attend the Necessary Discomforts show in Burbank, California, you can always buy the artwork online here:

My piece, “Rozz” along with other artists, are now available for purchase.

Rozz Williams Portrait

Usually I do not sell my originals. Prior to this show in L.A., I held on to all my originals. The only exception was with Tales of Woe, because three of the six illustrations I had done for the book were large in size. I’ll do commissions, but as for for illustration originals, those I keep.

For the Necessary Discomforts show in Los Angeles, there will be a one of a kind piece I’ve created just for this exhibit. Starting tomorrow you can see my illustration on display, along with other great artists over at the Hyena Gallery. Oh, and it’s also for sale. So if you’re looking for “rare” Witchipoo art, this would be the perfect opportunity. Since I can’t be there in person (school), this would be the next best thing. Actually, even better.

"Rozz." Done October 2010. Mediums: pen, ink, ink wash and watercolor. Edges were hand-burned to give it a little bit of that old school Death Rock/Goth touch. Framed. For sale at the Necessary Discomforts (An Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams), taking place at the Hyena Gallery in Los Angeles, California. Artist: Michele Witchipoo.

The Necessary Discomforts exhibit will be on display from November 12 – November 14 2010. Opening reception: Saturday, November 13th, 2010. Time: 8pm-midnight. Address: 1928 W. Olive Blvd., Burbank, California. There will be an official after-show party at Bar Sinister.

Revised/Updated Flyer For Unnecessary Discomforts (Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams) Event

The NY Art Book Fair At PS 1, Nov. 2010

After attending King Con  in Brooklyn, the next day was spent in Queens. What Queens had to offer was the fifth annual NY Art Book Fair, held at MoMA/PS 1.

Before arriving at PS1, there was the NYC Marathon taking place. Here’s a cell pics:

PS1 wasn’t too far off from the NYC Marathon path. Once there, I caught some examples of arty pretentiousness, but overall it was still interesting to see an alternative press fair. The event took over the entire space over at PS 1, located in Long Island City. The NY Art Book Fair was presented by Printed Matter, who is world”s largest non-profit organization dedicated to publications made by artists. Basically it showcasing underground press, both old and new.

Strangely enough, when I saw a lot of zines from days of old, that old retro feeling started to creep in. That old retro feeling was something I was not expecting.

There was three floors full of variety of the NY Art Book Fair, so I took crappy cell pics of the sights that caught my eye.


Display at NY Art Book Fair 2010


Act-Up T-shirts from the '80s/early 90s. Having gone to high school in Manhattan, and hanging out downtown after school, seeing these shirts brought back memories.



Another artifact from the underground past. The Riot Grrl movement produced a lot of fanzines from early to mid 1990s.


Here's an art scandal from the 1980s. For those who don't know, artist Jeff Koons was married to porn star Cicciolina. Cicciolina, also known as Ilona Staller, served as a member of the Italian parliament. After having a child together, they soon divored.


More items on display.


World War Three Illustrated table at the NY Art Book Fair 2010.
Guerrilla Girls also had a table at the NY Art Book Fair show.

King Con Pics

Still haven’t blogged about my experiences from the New York Comic Con 2010. It was a pretty intense weekend, have to admit it. And no, I won’t blog about the NYCC 2010 yet ’cause I’ve seemed to have misplaced the disc with all the photos. Fresh from the farm however, are pics from the most recent past weekend.

On Saturday, went to the King Comic Con in Brooklyn. Much smaller in scale than the NYCC, but still worth checking out. Personally, I prefer the smaller indie cons, mainly because they focus more on the creators, i.e., artists, writers, etc. Here’s some photos taken with my trusty cell.

King Con 2010 Crowd View
Paige Pumphrey. I had the pleasure of sitting next to her during MoCCA Art Fest 2010. She
Paul Benincasa and Amy Chace. In addition to making comics, they also have a band called Trauma Team 666.
Ken Wong
I love this character. She's so bad-ass. Created by the Powersmith Team.
Powersmith Team, Shawn Atkinson and Carl (Cee-Kay) Kent
Danny Hellman
Man around town, comicbook creator, Captain Marvel expert, actor, musician, filmmaker, Zorikh Lequidre.
I don't know who this guy is, so if anyone can send me info, that will be greatly appreciated. Met these two as I was talking to Zorikh. They had a table at King Con. The guy wearing the hat warned me that if I saw his happy face, I should be worried.

Updated Necessary Discomforts Flyer/Info

Here’s the revised flyer for the Unnecessary Discomforts (Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams) show:

Revised/Updated Flyer For Necessary Discomforts (Artistic Tribute To Rozz Williams) Event