Costumes Story In IF-X Halloween Issue

The four page story “Costumes,” is now available in the latest issue of IF-X. “Costumes” is a short Halloween themed story written by Patrick McEvoy, and drawn by yours truly, Michele Witchipoo.

Cover for IF-X v.2 # 9, Halloween 2010 Issue. Inside is a story, "Costumes.' Artwork by me and written by Patrick McEvoy.

Here’s a panel from the “Costumes” story:

Panel from the "Costumes" story, published in the IF-X v.2 # 9 Halloween issue. Story written by Patrick McEvoy and drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

You can order your own issue from this site: or

Don’t wait to get your own copy. After all, the v.2 # 5, the Longing and Desire issue originally sold out during its first run. The cover art for issue five was illustrated by me, with my rendition of the Knights Templar/Holy Grail:

IF-X v.2 # 5, Desire and Longing Issue. Holy Grail/Knights Templar Cover done by Michele Witchipoo. Released early 2010.

I will also be selling copies of this latest edition of IF-X at the New York Comic Con 2010. Find me in the Artist Alley section on the weekend of October 8-10, where I’ll not only have IF-X, but other goodies as well. See you then.


Memento Mori Pencil Sketch Sept. 2010

Did this quick pencil sketch over the weekend, trying to work on my shading. Pencils used was 2B and HB. Here’s the result:

Memento Mori Pencil Sketch, Sept. 2010. Drawn by Michele Witchipoo

Shitty Mickey Episode Four Now On Brooklyn Rail Website

The subject header says it all. The Brooklyn Rail has posted episode four of the webcomic Shitty Mickey:

Written by John Reed and drawn by Michele Witchipoo

Last Ice Cream Parlor Standing

I would’ve posted this blog right after Labor Day, but life got in the way. Back in August, I did the last of the pilgrimages to summer treats. The last pilgrimage would take us to Jackson Heights, Queens. Home of the last ice cream parlor standing.

Jahn’s was a pretty successful ice cream chain back in its heyday. It’s sugary magnum opus was and still is the infamous Kitchen Sink Sundae. It had locations scattered about the tri-state area, even reaching two towns within the Florida state so it could cater to NYC transplants. However, as with everything else, tastes change and so began the decline of Jahn’s. As I type this, there is only one Jahn’s location surviving, which is the Jackson Heights location. The Richmond Hill location recently closed in 2007.

Jann's Last Location, Jackson Heights, Queens NYC. Aug. 2010.

Apparently the Richmond Hill parlor was an ice cream time warp, where as the Jackson Heights one looks more 1970s/early ’80s. The slightly 70s look is due to a fire some time ago. A Geritol vibe lingered as we walked inside. Its main clientele seemed to be retired senior citizens, quietly chomping on their orders. The only exception was a young couple taking their bratty toddler out for an afternoon treat.

Menu From Jahn's.

We placed our order, adding a side of french fries for a taste of some ‘real’ food. This is what we got:

Our order at Jahn's. We couldn't take the 'Kitchen Sink.'

To our pleasant surprise, it was actually delicious. Comfort food at its finest. So while Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forest Hills had the retro decor, Jahn’s delivered where it counts, the taste buds. So if your waist line knows no bounds, perhaps you can dare to try the Kitchen Sink sundae. I say you try it because I’m not going up another dress size.

In tribute, here’s the last of my summer treat sketch series:

Sundae Girl, illustration by Michele Witchipoo. Aug/Sept. 2010. Inspired by Jahn's and named after the Blondie song.

*Photos by Ben Herman

Do I Have To Kiss Babies Too? Vote For Me, CAG/Haller Awards.

Last week I mentioned that I was nominated for three CAG/Haller awards. Best Artist, Best Cartoonist, Best Webcomic. I thought the elections were private. However, it looks as if voting is open to the public at large.

Well, if that’s the case, then you can vote for me by clicking on these links:

It should be noted that I didn’t ‘create’ the webcomic “Shitty Mickey.” John Reed wrote the script, I do the art. Just wanted to give credit where its due.

Tales Of Woe Release Party

Last night was the book release party Tales Of Woe. The event took place at The Boiler (Pierogi), located in good old Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were copies of the book for sale at this particular party. The good news was at the party’s end, the table was sold out.

Here’s some photos taken of the event:

Book release party, Tales Of Woe. Wednesday September 8th, 2010. The Boiler, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Book release party, Tales Of Woe. Wednesday September 8th, 2010. The Boiler, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Pat and Daria McQuade. Pat McQuade did four illustrations for Tales Of Woe.
Author extraordinaire John Reed and artist Pat McQuade. Wed. Sept. 8th, 2010.
Me posing with Daria McQuade at the Tales book release party. Wed. Sept. 8th, 2010.

A shout out goes to everyone involved with the book, from John Reed and all the wonderful artists who contributed visual woes.
Artists: 8Pussy, Elisabeth Alba, Delia Gable, Chadwick Whitehead , Michele Witchipoo (oh wait, that’s me!), Alex Warble, Ralph Niese, Sarah Oleksyk, Stephane Blanquet, Patrick McQuade, and Kiki Jones. Walter Einenkel did the book layout.

If all that amazing art isn’t enough, there’s always the free application for your iPhone: Tales Of Woe. Also Facebook compatable.

So far this book has received awesome reviews! Not bad for abject misery.

And of course, if you haven’t done so, get your very own copy of Tales Of Woe! You can buy the book on Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble. You can always go to the Powerhouse Books site, and order directly from there.

Update: Oh, forgot to add this: Photo cred to Daria McQuade.

Nominated For Three Awards

Well well well…and a top o’ the morning to you! Just found out that I’ve been nominated for not just one, but THREE Hallers awards! For those who don’t know, The Hallers are awards presented by CAG (Comicbook Artist Guild).

The Hallers was formerly known as The Caggies, but the name was later changed to The Hallers in honor of late cartoonist Rusty Haller (1964 – 2009). Infor about Rusty Haller can be found here:

The nominations I received: Best Webcomic, Best Cartoonist, and Best Artist.

It’s an honor to be nominated. Even if I don’t win anything, it’s still an honor.

More details forthcoming.

BTW, for those who don’t know, I will have a table at the NYCC 2010, Artist Alley. Weekend of October 8 -10, 2010. New York City’s biggiest comic convention will be at the Jacob K. Javits Center (655 West 34th Street 11th Avenue)