Untitled Illustration Jan. 2011

Finally found the Arabic lettering I was looking for to complete this illustration:

Untitled Jan. 2011 by Michele Witchipoo.

Translation on the Arabic:

Praise Allah


And I, I chose the road less traveled


So Very Sexy (John Sex)

Thanks to this nasty head cold, I wasn’t going anywhere. So of course, I’m surfing the internet, hit all the social networking sites, blah, blah, blah. Came across this entry on the Dangerous Minds blog. There was an article about 1980s NYC downtown king, John Sex.

I remember reading about John Sex during my freshman year in high school. Some mainstream magazine was covering the early 80s East Village underground. In those days, my father would bring home dozens of publications from his job. Dad wasn’t picky, he would bring home whatever. People, German rock magazines, various fashion publications, etc. The world of the subcultural seemed so distant, so mysterious, despite the fact I was a teenager living in Queens. Don’t remember much about that article, but this photo of John Sex stood out. A black and white image, his bleached blond hair standing straight up as if he had been in an electric shock.

New York City’s downtown area was a very different playground 20 years ago, compared to now. Manhattan’s underground club culture was very vibrant during the 1980s. Club Kid culture was gaining momentum. Unfortunately, John Sex passed away in 1990, from AIDS-related causes.

Here’s two YouTube videos I found of John Sex:


Breakdown Records

Breakdown Record, used record/CD store in Queens, NY.

The last of a dying breed. A store that almost brings tears to my eyes. I was a record collector back in high school. When the CD revolution came around though, I jumped on it’s back. Why? Because I was getting disgusted with the greedy nerd mentality often found in other collectors. To my own disgust, I was discovering those qualities creep inside of me. Time to jump ship. Years later, my turntable broke down. Never bothered to get a replacement.

Imagine my surprise when a friend informed me about Breakdown’s existence. Something to investigate.

Iconic Elvis Costello. Nowadays he works better than Ambien.

The store front was a wee bit nostalgic for me. As of this posting, an over-sized poster of Elvis Costello hung in the front window. Elvis in his iconic late ’70s cool. Again, I started to get misty eyed. From the outside, this shop looks like something from an early 1980s teen flick.  Couldn’t wait to step inside.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t happy with the selection. Mostly used CDs, vinyl, cassettes, DVDs and VHS tapes. Yet even with all this variety, there wasn’t anything I would particularly like to purchase. I mean, I really tried. Came across a CD by local Hardcore band, but that’s about it.

I tried again a few months later. Almost brought a used DVD but the price was too much. I could buy a new copy on Amazon for that price. Sorry.

However, if you’re into kooky vinyl, this might be the place for you. Don’t expect pristine conditions when you buy a record for $2.00. Buyer beware, you will get what you pay for. But it is vinyl mecca indeed. Reminiscent of the music written about in the RE:Search Incredibility Strange Music series. If I still had a turntable, I might be tempted back to my record collecting days. My excuse now is the economy.

So don’t let my finickiness scare you. Breakdown also has an Ebay store. (Ebay)

Still, I hope this is a place that never goes out of business. When Tower Records went out of business, it was an end of an era. When Virgin Megastore went under, yeah, that was sad too, but it was a-comin’. Virgin had an excellent selection but overpriced. Yet both spots were chain business. It’s the mom and pop shops I worry about. I hope stores like Amoeba and Other Music never shuts its doors. Just like I just hope Breakdown never goes under.

Breakdown Records: 48-09 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY, 11373. 718-279-0040.
Ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/Breakdown-Records

UPDATE 4/15/2018: The shop Breakdown Records has gone out of business. Please check if Breakdown still has their eBay store going.

Douchebag Of The Year For 2010.

Happy New Year everyone! Today it’s January 1st, 2011. 1/1/11. One means new beginnings , and eleven being the number of magick. Not a bad way to start, huh?

Wish I would’ve done this sooner, but didn’t have a chance to do this blog post until now. Introducing the Douchebag of the year for 2010!

2010 was a banner year for douchebags, no question about it. In fact, it’s kinda hard to narrow it down. We started off with Tiger Woods and it just rose from there. Jesse James, Mel Gibson, Sarah Palin, Christine O’ Donnell, Charlie Sheen…and the list goes on. Not all douches were public figures, but just as douchey. English woman Mary Bale got her 15 minutes of douchebaggery by dumping a cat into a trash bin. “It was just a cat” was what she said. Therefore it’s only fair that we can shrug her off as just another douche. The Tea Bag party is still going strong with their douchebadges.

Kinda want to keep this short, so here goes…the Douchebag Of The Year award goes to…Jersey Shore!

The Douchebag Collective, otherwise known as The Jersey Shore cast.  Winners of the 2010 Douchebag of the year award.

This  Douchebag Collective, known as the cast of the reality show “Jersey Show.” Guidos aren’t exactly my thing. Can’t wait for the day when they all fade into much needed obscurity.