Facebook Manners & You

Ah, those social networking sites. Don’t you love them? Sites like Facebook, for example. Unfortunately, as much as we like to meet new friends and contacts alike, there’s also vultures waiting to pounce. So while yes, a social networking site is exactly that, you can never be too careful.

Here’s a video ‘super poking’ at Facebook etiquette:


Conceal This!

This is kinda clever, I suppose.

A few years back, I did catch a few episodes of Miami Ink. Didn’t think that much of the show except for Kat Von D.Guess that’s why she ended up getting her own program. Still prefer Tattoo Highway but hey.

Don’t hate on Kat too much. First of all, she is naturally beautiful, and knows how to style herself. Nothing wrong with making a buck by being simply yourself.

Anyway, Kat Von D has created a line for Sephora, the makeup and skin care brand. Apparently her and the corps that be figured out a few things. Since tattoos are getting more popular, there’s also more of a demand for temporary cover-up. You know, for job interviews, auditions, crappy family functions, running away from the law, etc. Whatever the occasion, its a cute idea. Never know when it might come in handy. Not just for tat cover-ups, the product also has multiple uses.


Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone…

Unless you’re a golf ball sinking in quicksand, you know about Tiger Woods’ situation. About how he cheated on his wife and whatnot. About how he seemed to have a penchant for blond women. Many blond women, but that’s besides the point.

It may not be the most kosher thing to cheat on your wife. While that may not be right, its also not right for the media & paparazzi constantly tearing him down as if its the latest blood sport. Well, yeah, okay…no one likes a two timer. However, the mass media isn’t any better. Who are these people to cast the first stone? Many people within the paparazzi industry also have skeletons in their grubby little closets. Let’s take a bet, how many members of this mass media are failed actors, musicians, athletes, etc. Not all, but some. As they report about the sex-a-bouts, they’re secretly venting their bitterness of never been. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword.

I’m not the type of person who says “oh that’s racist!” Yet ever notice that when David Letterman confessed about his infidelities, it lasted probably about like…a half a month. Let’s not forget that Letterman slept with his co-employees! Then Tiger Woods’s little car crash happened. Suddenly, Letterman’s scandal got swept under the rug. Even today, the media continues to pick this Tiger carcass down to the bone.

Okay, so Tiger got busy with a lot of tanned blond cocktail waitresses. So what. So fuckin’ what. (No pun intended) Like you never cheated on your significant other. Maybe you didn’t, but you know someone that did. Not saying that its cool to cheat behind someone’s back. With everything else that’s going on in the world, couldn’t we find more important news to talk about?

In the end, who are we to cast judgment? Clearly we forget that unless we are Tiger and his former model wife, we will never know the whole story. Could’ve been nothing but an illusion for all we know. Cheaper to keep up appearances than some expensive divorce. Perhaps they’re staying together for the sake of the kids, hey, you never know. Remember this; there are three sides to every story. His side, her side, and the truth.

Perhaps Tiger melted under celebrity pressure. Perhaps there’s only so much temptation to withhold from. It’s not always so easy to live under a perfected microscope. For example, how many people in high end stressful careers burn off steam by going to a dominatrix? That’s one example. Cause deep down inside, sex is psychological. Loneliness, sure, sometimes. Many times people participate in kinky games like domination and submission as stress release. It doesn’t matter what side you’re playing on. The point is, sexual fantasies are commonly used as an escape from everyday dilemmas. For example, take the film Secretary. In this movie, the main character is a mousy office worker with various emotional and mental issues. Somewhere between the interaction between her and her boss, she learns how to channel this energy into being a submissive.

You don’t even have to get extreme as with the whole S&M/bondage role playing trip. I was just using the aforementioned as an example. Tiger, crumbling under the pressure of sponsorship, competing, what have you, he escaped with fair-haired maidens.

So really in the end…who are we to cast judgment? If Tiger Woods is nothing but a low down dirty dog, then don’t worry. He got his already. Karma got served on a silver platter. The main course was public humiliation.

Leave the man alone. Woods and his family suffered enough already.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

Times Square (Movie Trailer of The Week, Feb. 22nd, 2010)

Not exactly a ‘grindhouse’ flick but it could be considered a ‘lost classic’ just the same. The leap year of 1980, a new decade, and it was already off and running. We had the debut of Pacman who chomped his way into gamers’ hearts. Israel and Egypt tried to establish diplomatic relations. John Lennon was assassinated. There was the cinematic release of The Empire Strikes Back. Empire was the top grossing film of that year, but the Punk ethic was starting to steep into film’s consciousness.

This flick, titled “Times Square” not only captured a bit of the early New Wave allure, but it also had shots of the actual NYC area before pre-‘disneyfication.’ One of the film’s highlights is a concert by The Sleez Sisters on top of a 42nd Street theater. The soundtrack consisted of songs from The Ramones, Gary Numan, Patti Smith, and others. Ironically, this film was either a commercial nor a critical success during its initial release. As in the case of all “cult” films, the Times Square movie defiantly lives on. The DVD of this underrated piece is now out of print, so grab if you ever have the chance. The stars of this production were Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Trini Alvarado and Robin Johnson.


American Idiot…WTF!?!

The band Green Day released an album “American Idiot” a few years back. Now its a Broadway play:



I’ve always resented the fact that Green Day was considered a “Punk” band. Of all the so-called “Punk” bands to put on Broadway, this shouldn’t been one of them.

Thanks. I guess “Punk” is officially dead. Thanks a fuckin’ lot.

IF-X Cover Vol. 2, Issue 5

Soon to be released, IF-X issue # 5, drawn by yours truly, Michele Witchipoo! The cover idea was based on the Knights Templar and The Holy Grail. Here’s the cover:

IF-X Issue 5 cover by Michele Witchipoo

Order your copy today!

Bad Fortune

Back in the ’90s, I used to do tarot card readings here and there. Mostly at club parties. I think maybe two-three times filling in for this girl. The majority was for my friend Bejay Rose. He used to promote Club Kid/Rave/Underground parties at various NYC clubs. Those were the days. Never made that much money, but it was fun as well as practice.

Last time I did some club tarot readings was Bejay’s “Too Far Gone” party located in NYC’s Lower East Side area. Like around early 2000s. However, I soon stopped that altogether. Started taking the tarot and other divination methods more seriously. It had felt odd charging strangers for a mundane fortune telling, just didn’t feel right. Today, I only do tarot readings for trusted friends.

Well, anyway, tonight I had came across this online article about the murder of a professional psychic. Turns out some woman had gotten enraged over her reading, she decided to put an end to the psychic’s own fortune, once and for all. Geez.

I know this is a rare case, but still…makes me glad that I no longer do this:
Tanya Nelson Convicted Over Killing Fortune Teller