Maria Schneider Portrait

One of my favorite films is the 1972 French drama “Last Tango In Paris.” First saw it during the early 90s on VHS. I currently own the DVD.

The plot grabbed my interest. Marlo Brando technically had the starring role of this movie. Truth be told, I never did care for Brando. Personally I believe the real “star” was a young actress known as Maria Schneider. To quote film critic Roger Ebert: “Maria Schneider doesn’t seem to act her role so much as to exude it.”

Basically it comes to this: Marlo Brando more or less portrayed himself, while Schneider mixed innocence with raw sexuality.

This controversial flick more or less internationally defined Maria Schneider as an actress. Brando continued being what he did best, which was being Brando. Meanwhile, Schneider acted in a few more flicks before real-life drama eclipsed her for the rest of the 1970s. The 80s decade treated her a bit better, as she made a comeback in her native country. In later interviews, she would claim that “Last Tango In Paris” nearly ruined her life.

Maria Schneider died on Feb. 3rd, 2011. Director of “Tango,” Bernardo Bertolucci said this*: “Her death has come too early, before I could give her a tender embrace and tell her that I was as tied to her as I was at the start and apologize to her at least once. The strong and creative relationship that we had during the filming of ‘Last Tango’ became poisoned with the passing of time. Maria accused me of having robbed her of her youth and only today am I wondering whether there wasn’t some truth to that.”

After hearing of her passing, I did this portrait of her. Done in pen & ink, on illustration board. Quill pen, nib either 102 or 104.

Maria Schneider & Joe Dallesandro in Jacques Rivette's film "Merry Go Round." Photo: Photo: Des Filles des Garçons

*Full Roger Ebert quote can be found here:
*Full Bernardo Bertolucci quote can be found here:
*Interview with film critic Roger Ebert from 1974:



Updated Flyer For Welcome To My Nightmare V

Morning folks. Here’s the updated flyer for the Welcome To My Nightmare V show:

Welcome To My Nightmare 5 Flyer Updated
Updated flyer for the Welcome To My Nightmare 5 event.

The show will be held on Saturday, March 26th, 2011. Locations: The Lake, 258 Johnson Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Admission $7.00, all ages.

NYCC 2010 Photos Part II

A week later, and here’s part two of the NYCC 2010 blog post.

During the the three-day weekend of the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011, I was stationed mostly behind my table. When Sunday rolled around, figured it was time for some quick explorations. Inside the Jacob Javits center, the NYCC took most of the main floor, while New York Anime Festival was downstairs.

Costumes from the NYCC/New York Anime Festival, Oct. 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

I’m not really familiar with the whole Manga/Anime/COS underworld. It’s not my thing, although I like some of Osamu Tezuka’s work. Like upstairs, the lower level where the Anime Festival was jammed packed.

Downstairs at the New York Anime Festival, Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

Upon entering the Anime section, it was crossing into a whole other world. The general age of this Anime/COS crowd was probably tweens, to early teens. Almost everyone other than the artists and vendors were sporting some kind of costume.

New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC
Don't ask, don't tell. New York Anime Festival, downstairs at the NYCC/Jacob Javits Center, NYC. Oct. 2010.

On the mini-stage was some sort of singing contest, with a costumed female contestant warbling off-tune. I walked around the Anime section some more, when some sort of COS conga-line broke out. Half-scary, half amusing, I figured that I had my fill of this mini-Neverland. Time to go back upstairs.

COS play outfit from the New York Anime Festival. NYC, Oct. 2010.
New York Anime Festival 2010. Jacob Javits Center, NYC.

My favorites were the like the frilly Victorian-style of the “Lolita” costumes. If I could get away with it, maybe I could have one of those Lolita dresses hanging in my closet.

From the New York Anime Festival/NYCC 2010. NYC, Oct. 2010.
NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC
NYCC/New York Anime Festival 2010. NYC

Back upstairs to the NYCC:

BuzzBuzzBuzzBuzz...or as someone said on Facebook: "Where's the bug spray?" NYCC 2010. NYC
Is it a peanut? Is it a waffle? The result of too many carbs. NYCC 2010, NYC.

The real reason why I was at the NYCC 2010; I had a table in the Artist Alley section:

The section my table was located, NYCC 2010.
My DIY sign. NYCC 2010. NYC
Jammed full of goodies at my table. Artist Alley section at the NYCC 2010. NYC

My next two appearances: Welcome To My Nightmare 5, Williamsburg Brooklyn, March 27th 2011. MoCCA Art Fest 2011, NYC, April 10-11, 2011.

NYCC 2010 Photos Part I

Okay, so I’m late with this…better late than ever. Here’s some photos I took at last year’s New York Comic Con (NYCC 2010)

My table at the NYCC 2010.
I think this one was an Ugly Doll, not too sure. NYCC 2010
Costumes like these, I love it. This one is Angry Penguin. I've seen him before at other cons. NYCC 2010
Why so sad? One of the many patrons from the NYCC 2010.
Salior Moon is a staple now at comic cons. This one being no exception. Salior Moon drag, NYCC 2010.
More costumes at the NYCC 2010
From the shoulders up, they remind me of the "Way-Outs." The Way-Outs was a garage type band on a Flintstones episode. NYCC 2010.
Not just for comicbook and anime costumes. Someone went as The Old Spice dude. Brilliant if you ask me. NYCC 2010.
I do not get this "Free Hugs" thing. His costume was cute and all, but I do not get this free hugs trend. Maybe it's because I'm become slightly misanthropic over the past few years. I dunno. Plus I'm weary of hugging strangers. Ever heard of scabies? Still, a cute costume. NYCC 2010.

Part two will be photos of various Cosplay/Anime costumes. Stay tuned!

Welcome To My Nightmare V

Next month I’m going to be showing my artwork at the fifth semi-annual “Welcome To My Nightmare” event. My art/illustration will be on exhibit along with other artists and bands:

Flyer for Welcome To My Nightmare V show, March 2011

See you there!


Tigra commission, Fall 2010.

Tigra Comission. Avengers character, done Fall 2010

I’ve been busy, so I haven’t uploaded as much stuff, or blogged as I’d like to.

Last night, I was going through my cellphone pics, and came across this piece. Almost forgotten about doing this one. It was a commission of Tigra, an Avengers character. ( Done at the New York Comic Con (NYCC), early October 2010.

Mediums: Pencil, marker, pen. The usual tools.