Surreal Estate/Bushwick Open Art Studios Event

This weekend, during the Bushwick Open Art Studios Event, I’ll be taking part in a shared art exhibition.


Link to the listing on the Bushwick Open Space directory listing:

On the bill for Friday night (invite only Friday night, due to limited space. Saturday and Sunday will be open house): Jennifer Blowdryer and her band doing an acoustic Punk set, Stephen Boyer with a #OWS Poetry anthology reading, Alan Abadessa Green discussing “The Sync Book”, Michele Witchipoo illustration and art, Marg Uerite and Elaine Choi artwork, and Gia Michael video installation.

Marg Uerite, a.k.a Pearl Chanter announced the participation in the annual Bushwick event, on the “42minutes” podcast she made on the 24th: the Elizabeth of England rip off artist will be having a 60th-year-of-RAIN “Jubilee” celebration down the Thames River, the weekend of June 1st. Watched by billions, there will be at least one specially tuned Bell Rung, heard by billions. Since I live on the Thames [street] and my ship is still riding [ though riding low ] I thought I’d piggy – back on the World – Wide show of military force and power down the Tham[Is]is River of England, that same weekend, here in Bushwick – land BK.


Wise Prometheus Painting

Haven’t posted in a while. Figured I’d update everyone, as to what I’ve been up to.

I’m going to be exhibiting at a group show this upcoming weekend. Besides showing my latest illustration work, there’s going to be music, poetry readings and a video installation. Something for everyone.

More details about that in another post. Unfortunately I’m limited on spare time today. So with that I’ll leave you with a sneak preview on what I’ve been working on.

Below is a mixed media painting of sorts. I’m working on a “Prometheus” theme. No, not about the latest Ridley Scott film, although he did direct one of my all-time favorite movies (Bladerunner). The theme I’m working on is based on the Prometheus myth.

The piece itself is a slight change of style, a bit different than what I normally work in. I guess all those art history classes is having some sort of effect. In a good way, of course. The style is a little bit retro, as far as illustrations goes. Anyway, more info later.

Wise Prometheus Painting, created LateMay2012. Mixed media illustration/painting by Michele Witchipoo.

Moon Dance, From Early 2010

Created this piece a few years back. Maybe early 2010 to be exact. I was influenced by filmmaker Kenneth Anger’s “Rabbit Moon.” To this day it still remains one of my personal favorites.

“Moon Dance” early 2010. Created by Michele Witchipoo

Art Takes Times Square – So Vote For Me!

Alright, I decided to go for it. I received an email encouraging me to enter this contest. At first I kinda ignored it, but then I figured why not.

You can click on this link to vote for me:

The best part is, there’s no entrance fee to enter. Usually I totally ignore those with the artists’ fees, as I’m currently one of those so-called “struggling artists.” Since this one had an entry free of charge, why not. If I don’t get in…oh well. It was worth a shot. After all, if I win, there’s the promise of “International Publicity + The World’s Most Immense Exhibition + $16,000 in Grants.”

Have to warn you, trying to find my artist page might be a bit confusing. Already a few of my friends tried to vote for me, but couldn’t find the “collect me” button. Must be aggravating for them as well as for me. So with that I apologize in advance for the mass confusion.

As for putting down an “artist statement”…I hate those. Usually they sound so pretentious, you know? I hate reading others, and I hate composing a statement of my own. I mean, I can write one, sure, but what am I supposed to say? Perhaps I can take a cue from that B-52s tune “Song For A Future Generation”;

Hey, my name is Michele and I’m a
fire sign from New York City, and I like
To find the essence from within

So much for artist statements. Anyway, if you can get past the muck and are able to vote for me, much appreciated. Until next time…and if you did already vote for me…thanks.

Easter In Austria, April 2012

Two days after my birthday, I left for my first ever trip to Europe. Austria to be exact and it was through a school scholarship. Although it’s been a month since the trip, I’m still processing my week in Austria. That’s probably due to the fact that finals are underway as this semester is winding down.

The purpose of the trip was to attend a seminar about Global Citizenship. I’ll probably make another blog post about what I learned during this trip, when school isn’t so busy. Before the trip though, my friend suggested doing a blog post about Austria when arriving back. In the meantime, here are a few photos from Easter Sunday, from the week of April 7 to April 14th 2012.

For the record I’m not a deeply religious person. Although I did explore a number of faiths, in the end I decided it was better to be spiritual than religious. Actually, no matter what you believe in, or even if you choose not to believe anything at all, in the end it’s better to be a good person.  It’s best to live life on your own terms.

On the morning of the snowy Easter Sunday, the visiting students were given the morning off. We had the choice of either heading into the old town, attend Easter Mass, or do whatever. At first I followed most of the group into town. Somehow because I started taking photographs with my manual film camera, suddenly I found myself, by myself. Joining another student who had also been left behind, we walked into town deciding to explore for ourselves.

We found ourselves walking inside one of the oldest churches in the town, St. Peter’s Abbey. The lovely scent of myrrh and frankincense permeated the air as we walked around the church. Normally one doesn’t take photos during mass, out of respect. Yet I knew though I would probably never have an opportunity such as this ever again. So I switched my iPad to silent mode as not to disturb anyone, and snapped these photos.

Despite the snow falling, I didn’t find the weather to be too cold. If anything, it just added to the overall beauty of that day.







At this point, it was starting to feel as if an art history lesson had come to life.



The above is my favorite out of the entire series.

Below are two photos after leaving the church. We didn’t stay for the entire service. Soon it was time to head back to the Schloss Leopoldskron, where we had been staying.



I could’ve manipulated these pics in Photoshop. In the end I decided to let these untouched photographs speak for themselves.

Here’s a link about this church:

Wikipedia link:,_Salzburg

Cindy Ecstasy: The Accidental Chemical Muse

When discussing the history of Soft Cell, you’ll hear about a certain early ’80s club kid. This downtown vixen went by the name of Cindy Ecstasy.

“A few nights later I was to find myself in an after-hours club called Berlin. There I met the girl who had saved me at Studio 54 and who was to have a major part in changing my life. In fact she would change both my life and Dave’s profoundly, and our work in Soft Cell from then on.” – from the book “Tainted Life (the autobiography)” by Marc Almond.

As the story goes, Cindy Ecstasy was a drug dealer. Her moniker came about from what she supplied: Ecstasy. In 1981, it was a drug for the nightclub elite. Hence, the name Cindy Ecstasy. Somehow, someone came up with the idea of having Cindy sing back-up on many of the classic Soft Cell tracks. That way she’ll always be around. A decade after Cindy weaved her chemical spells, Ecstasy became known to the general public.

Yet despite me just being a third generation spectator, I somehow have to agree with record producer Mike Thorne. “In one book about the group, Cyndi is obnoxiously described as ‘a drug dealer’, which is glib and convenient journalistic nonsense. She was a camp follower who contributed to the general party energy level and had her own distinctive style and rasping Brooklyn sense of humor and delivery. She passed on wonderful substances to Marc and Dave et al, but in a street social way. Ms Big she was not. I wonder where she is now.”  – from Thorne’s website:

Cindy Ecstasy became the electronic duo’s accidental muse of sorts. She made appearances in the Soft Cell videos “Memorabilia” and “Torch.” Cindy even went as far as appearing with Soft Cell on the classic British countdown show “Top of The Pops.”

Alas, fame was only fleeting for Ms. Ecstasy. She did background vocals for the first Marc and The Mambas album. When her friendship with Marc Almond dissolved, she formed her own band called Six Sed Red. The band had two members. It was herself along with musician Rick Holliday, formerly of the early 1980s band B-Movie. The single was co- produced by the seminal Electronic/Industrial band Cabaret Voltaire, and remixed by Depeche Mode producer Flood.

Never heard of Six Sed Red? Don’t worry – not many people have. The single failed to chart much, and soon Cindy disappeared. Since then, her whereabouts have been largely unknown.

“She had a band called Six Said Red, and that was, like, 1984. I don’t know what became of her after that. Someone told me that she had a guest house in some seaside town in Britain somewhere, that she’s running a hotel. But I have no idea!” – Marc Almond, 1999 interview from the online magazine Chaos Control.

Who knows what would’ve happened if Six Sed Red had been more successful. Cindy did have some potential. Personally, I think the single could’ve been a bigger hit. Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.

Little known fact: right before her disappearance, Cindy and Rick Holliday wrote a song for 80’s pop trio Bananarama.

On the other hand, since she was dealing with drugs, perhaps she had to…”disappear.”

There’s really no new crucial information here regarding Ms. Ecstasy. What’s posted here isn’t any different from what anyone else has written. It’s more like wondering out loud; “where is she now?” Even if we never hear from her again, at least she already left a legacy of some kind. In the meantime, I shall leave you with a small watercolor portrait of the accidental chemical muse, Cindy Ecstasy. Created tonight in watercolor, pen and ink by me. Enjoy.

Small portrait of Cindy Ecstasy. Watercolor, pen, ink. Created by Michele Witchipoo, May 2012.

*UPDATE Jan. 2020: A review of Marc Almond in concert. Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn/NYC, on Nov. 1st. 2019: