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Here’s a recent illustration inspired by two things: Beto Hernandez’s cover for New Love issue one and Lady Gaga.

Glam Bam Madam. Illustration by Michele Witchipoo 2010

I’ve always loved Los Hernandez Bros. I especially love the 1996 cover to New Love issue one, published by Fantagraphic Books.

New Love by Beto Hernandez

As for Lady Gaga…I should hate her. I’m aware about how she puts product placement in her videos. Check out her ‘Telephone’ video for example. Let’s see, there’s Virgin Mobile, her special line of Heartbeats headphones, Beats laptop, among others. If it wasn’t for this video extravaganza, I would have never known that PlentyofFish.com was an actual dating website.

Lady Gaga Pulls A Poker Face

Besides the brand name dropping, Lady Gaga has obviously ripped off many of edgy entertainers that came before her. On the roll call you can find Grace Jones, Dale Bozzio, and maybe a tiny bit of Madonna. If you’ve heard the rumors of Lady Gaga being either a transsexual or a hermaphrodite, nods can be given to both Amandas. Amanda Leer along with current model Amanda Lepore. Then there’s the various Disco 2000 club kid outfits. No question Leigh Bowery was one of the many influences behind the Bad Romance video.

Lady Gaga From Bad Romance Video

Leigh Bowery

Despite all of the evidence, I can’t bring myself to hate Lady Gaga. In fact, I love Lady Gaga. Her kind of music isn’t what usually gets me into the groove. Doesn’t matter though.

I adore the garnish stage outfits, admire her “don’t give a fuck” attitude, and thinks its awesome that she brought back extreme glam fantasies into the pop consciousness. Besides taking the crown from Madonna, she’s this generation’s answer to music extremities. We needed a Lady Gaga actually. After a while, you get bored with manufactured sex kittens like Britney Spears. You just wanna puke after watching blank slates try to build their careers on the American Idol factory line. Plus underneath the electro euro trash beat, there’s a woman who could actually sing. A muse for the odd kid stuck in suburban wasteland.

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Well, one can interpret these snappy sandals anyway they want. Talk about having people right under your feet!

Sandals Designed By Rupert Sanderson

Originally designed by Rupert Sanderson for Amneris in the Royal Opera’s production of Aida. If this isn’t the ultimate in high end fetish fashion, I don’t know what is.

Original link here (with more photos): http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/fashion/shoes/rupert-sanderson/100506-shoes-fit-for-a-princess.aspx

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This past weekend I was interviewed for a local radio program. The show was titled The Phoenix Perspective, broadcast on WVOX.com based in the Westchester area of New York.

I decided to head into the Metro North area early to avoid rushing. The result was arriving into Larchmont a wee bit too early. Since there was some time to kill, I walked around town a bit. Came across this upscale child clothing store.

Twinkle Toes Children Clothing Store In Westchester, NY

A step closer to the store window and there was live chickens being used as a store window display. A local woman strolling around with her grandchildren also gathered around. As the woman was about to point out the chickens to her other female friend, one of the birds turned around and pooped in fill view of everyone.

Chickens used as a window display, May 2010 in Westchester, NY

“So that’s what downtown Larchmont has become” replied the woman, “chickens shitting in windows.” With that being said, Grandma and crew walked away slurping on their ice creams cones.

Chicken in store window display, May 2010

As I took a few more pics of these chickens with my cellphone camera, couldn’t help but notice something. One of these chickens had dirt trapped within its wings. So if this one bird has crud smeared in its feathers, imagine other poultry on a commercial mass production farm.

Soon it was time to head to the radio station. After again arriving ridiculously early, I met up with the radio host herself, Phoenix, her friend Jaye and radio announcer Chuck. Before going on the air, me Phoenix and Jaye sat around consuming Entenmann donuts and coffee. Jaye took some pre-show pics, which you can see here. As for me, I was still nervous about being interviewed live on air. I’ve done interviews before, but usually it would be for some podcast which I would never hear afterwards. Out of sight, out of mind I suppose.

Me and Radio Host Phoenix Prior To The Show, Sat. May 15th, 2010

The interview itself went pretty smooth. Me and Phoenix chatted about my two self-published titles, Psycho Bunny and Babalon Babes. Also plugged this book I did about five illustrations for, Tales of Woe. If all goes well, Tales of Woe should be released sometime this summer. Pre-sales for the book are now up on Barnes & Noble, Powerhouse Books and Amazon.com.

Wondering if I do should do a Don Pardo impression. Sat. May 15th, 2010 at WVOX

Before coming on the show, I took a friend’s advice about not taking the interview too seriously. Even Phoenix herself said it was about hanging out, talking and whatnot. Phoenix herself is a very nice person. We talked about a few different things like female cartoonists, sub-cultural stuff, etc. For the record, I’m no expert about all of this so-called ‘counter culture’ subject matter. Never claimed to be. Just know what I like. Let’s just say you won’t catch me in front of the TV anticipating Dancing With The Stars.

Radio Interview at The Phoenix Perspective, Sat. May 15th, 2010

After the show was over, Phoenix was nice enough to drive me back to the city. Arriving back in Queens, I was embarrassed to find the Soul Train chugging on next door. Apparently my next door neighbors were ass enough to throw a loud house party, continuing past 3am. Despite this, it was still a fun night.

Me and Phoenix, Sat. May 15th, 2010

You can listen to the show here: http://podcastmachine.com/podcasts/4573/episodes/22835

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Hey Ladies & Germs, just letting you know I’m going to interviewed tomorrow night. It’s going to be a radio interview, on a program called The Phoenix Perspective. Check it out on WVOX.com and WVOX1460am, broadcast at 12:30AM this Saturday. So, you can hear my New York accent live on the airwaves. In the meantime, I’ll try my best not to make an ass out of myself.


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Here’s a rare video of Brion Gysin:


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Here’s a piece completed last week:

Spacey. May 2010

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Original Bitter Sketch. Pen, ink and marker. May 2010

The idea for this sketch came from a chance encounter back in 2005. My friend had gotten me a gig as a extra for some television show. We were supposed to be ‘Goth clubgoers’ or whatever. Not even gonna bother mentioning what TV show it was, for it got canceled after what, two episodes.

Anyway, in between takes, this blond woman comes up to me. She tries to start a conversation with me, asking my name. I replied and in turn ask for her name.

“I’m bitter” she retorted, with a swish of her fake ponytail. “I’m too old to be doing this shit.” After her complaints about how she was supposed to be a professional actress, she mentions something about her friendship with some famous local Goth musician. The namedropping failed to impress me. However, the impression she did leave behind is to never be bitter, unlike her.

Bitter, Photoshop Revised May 2010

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