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First of all, I apologize in advance. Not many photos were taken of the Welcome To My Nightmare III event. The following two pics were snapped before the show began.

Shitty Mickey Webcomic Panels on Display, As Well As A Few Assorted Other Illos. Sat. March 27th, 2010. Shitty Mickey was written by John Reed and Drawn by Michele Witchipoo.

At the top right of this photograph, you can see the Sarah Palin illustration, done summer 2008. Originally posted on a Penguin House blog entry, September 2008. This same illo will be published in the forthcoming book, Tales of Woe (MTV Press). It’s been an honor to work with John Reed.

The other display from my self-published sketchbook, on ‘WitchesBrewPress’ of course. These images are from Babalon Babes no. 4, the Astrology issue.

Images from Babalon Babes No. 4, The Astrology Themed Issue. My self-published pin-up/sketchbook, available from WitchesBrewPress.

This next photo was of the band Skum City.

Skum City @ Welcome To My Nightmare III, March 27th, 2010.

Last but not least, here’s a classic Billy Dee Williams neon sign for Colt 45 malt liquor. Hanging in the Don Pedro establishment.

Billy Dee Williams neon sign selling Colt 45

Photos by Ben Herman

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The 1985 started on a Tuesday, as The Cold Wars continued. The Discovery Channel debuts on cable television. Children and teens played with The Nintendo Entertainment System. On radio we had to hear again…and again…and yet again that annoying charity song “We Are The World.” This was followed by the Live Aid concerts which took place in Philadelphia and London. The proceeds from this event would raise over 50 million for famine relief in Ethiopia.

1985 saw the theatrical release of H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator. This film was based on the H. P. Lovecraft story “Herbert West-Reanimator” and since has retained cult status.

Presenting the movie trailer of the week, here’s Re-Animator:

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Well this is odd. A few weeks ago, some NYC map website connected with Flickr, emails me. Apparently it was in regards to a photograph I had taken of Harry Houdini’s grave. This pic was snapped in early November 2009, honoring Houdini on the anniversary of his death. Since 1927, the Society of American Magicians has held a broken wand ceremony at the grave site. Annually the bust, shown here with the S.A.M seal, is displayed on the grounds of Machpelah Cemetery.

Harry Houdini's Grave. Each year S.A.M members get together for the Broken Wand Ceremony. Photo by Michele Witchipoo, Nov. 2009

Tonight I received another email from the same website company. Apparently my photo had been picked to represent the NYC borough of Queens. Click here for the link.

In case you’re curious, here’s two more photos from the 2009 Broken Wand Ceremony at Machpelah Cemetery.

Society For American Magicians, Broken Wand Ceremony 2009

Houdini Bust. Displayed Only Once A Year In Machpelah Cemetery. Novemeber 2009.

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In addition to the Nightmare show at Don Pedro’s (90 Manhattan Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn, Admission $7.00, Starts 8pm) this Saturday, I’ll be at a few more events within the next few months.

The first one is the MoCCA Art Fest 2010. Last year it moved from its former home at the Puck Building and moved to the bigger 69th Regiment Armory. (Although I will have to admit, I kinda miss the Puck Building location.) Also note that its been pushed up from its usual June dates to April this time around. So the weekend of April 10 & 11, check out this now legendary event. Admission, $10 for one day, $15 weekend pass. Address: 69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

Also heads up: if you’re planning on attending, you might want to get there early. Last year the entrance line went way around the block.

The next event will be at the Bronx Heroes 2 Comic Con May 1st. It’s going to be free admission all day. Main reason why I decided to do this particular con. The date falls close to the six year anniversary of Psycho Bunny’s debut. That’s the first self-published comicbook I’ve put out. In 2004, I was offered a table at New Jersey’s Hawthorne High School Comic Con. The first and only comic I had at the time was Psycho Bunny issue 1. I was the most surprised when people actually brought copies. Haven’t looked back ever since. Good times.

June 10th, Punk Island Art Show, NYC. The location is on Governors Island. Don’t have all the details as of yet. However, I’ll be sure to post them asap.

Punk Island Logo

Last but not least, as they say, will be NESPA in Warwick, Rhode Island. The New England Small Press Expo is on Sunday July 18th, taking place in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Only $4.00 bucks to get in.

I’ll probably blog about each event as the dates get closer.

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They’re taking pre-orders for Worlds Beyond: A CAG Prose Anthology. Worlds Beyond is quasi-Pulp compilation, put together by the folks at the Comicbook Artists Guild. CAG for short.

Worlds Beyond: A CAG Prose Anthology Book Cover. Art by James Rodriguez.

To place your order, please click here:

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Flyer, Welcome To My Nightmare Event One Year Anniversary

I will be showing panels of Shitty Mickey. That’s the webcomic that I had collaborated with writer John Reed. So if you’re not doing anything, come down this Saturday!

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The year of 1979. It was the end of one decade, with promises of new on the horizon. American children chowed down on McDonald’s Happy Meals while wearing Underoos underneath their clothing. The golden age of Lego’s began around this time. China began its population control with its One Child Policy that year. Meanwhile, over in Iran, Khomeini seizes power. A Disco Demolition night in Chicago’s Comiskey Park far exceeded all expectations, resulting in a near riot.

Film director Russ Meyer was busy in the year of 1979. Continuing in his own tradition of mammary promotion, he was the auteur behind Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens. The star of Meyer’s last theatrical release, Kitten Natividad was also his girlfriend during this period.

So here’s the movie trailer of the week for Monday, March 22, 2010.

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