Psycho Bunny Makes More Than A Poker Face

Even ‘Crack Kitty’ tries to get in on the Lady Gaga act. Psycho Bunny is not impressed.

Crack Kitty tries to get in on the Lady Gaga act. Psycho Bunny is not impressed. Based on the comic Psycho Bunny by Michele Witchipoo, 2011.

Other than being a “Government Hooker” you can get the latest mini-issue of Psycho Bunny (#3.25) right now. Send $2.00 + $1.00 for S&H via PayPal to:


Witchipoo On Tumblr

Oh yea, and just wanted to let you know I’m now on Tumblr. My Tumblr account features more personal stuff, like music and visuals that I like. So if you want to stalk, or harass, or speculate and/or gossip without asking me directly, or do the normal thing by just following me, you can check me out here:

Mail Art @ Hyperallergic

Last month, I forgot exactly when…saw that Hyperallergic was accepting entries for their mail art exhibit. Since I used to love mail art, thought it was worth a shot. So I was really happy to find out my piece is going to be shown, along with other wonderful artists at this show:

Mail Art Show At Hyperallergic

Wish I had a JPG to show you what piece I had submitted. Alas, lost the flash drive it was on last Thursday. Oh well. At least this gives me an excuse to visit the exhibit. (Shrugs)

Still, I’m very happy to have been accepted into this show. Again, mail art and other creative postal stuff was something I was really digging during my younger days.

Here’s two other links connected to the Hyperallergic mail art show: