Ahsoka Tano Sketch (Star Wars Rebels)

A good way to test your drawing skills is to pick a character from the Star Wars universe.

In this case, I picked Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano was first introduced in the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the television series that followed afterwards. Ahsoka is best known in Star Wars Rebels, which was another animated television series. She also has a voice over cameo in the last Star Wars theatrical release, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Originally voiced by Ashley Eckstein, it’s heavily rumored that Ahsoka will be portrayed by Rosario Dawnson in the next season of The Mandalorian. If true, the Dawnson casting has not been officially confirmed by Disney as of yet.

Since 2008, a whole new generation grew up with the Ahsoka character, and renegade Jedi character has grown along with them.

Haven’t really watched Rebels myself, as I’m more familiar with the film trilogies. So the detail in this sketch might be slightly off. I can always do another rendition of Ahsoka down the road. Ever since I was told of these casting rumors, figured, might as well try to draw her. Besides, I finally had a chance to watch The Mandalorian thanks to the quarantine. Oh, and there’s also rumors of Boba Fett being featured in the Mandalorian second season. Anyway, the sketch was done in pen, ink, and watercolor.

Ahsoka Tano. Pen, ink, watercolor. Done by Michele Witchipoo, July 2020. 

In other news, next episode of my webcomic will be up shortly.


Arguing With A Wookie – Psycho Bunny Sketch of The Week 5/6/2019

Star Wars probably heard by now. British actor Peter Mayhew, who portrayed the original Chewbacca, passed away. He was just weeks away from his 75th birthday.

Besides my rambling Chewbacca post, here’s a tribute to the 7’11 man. Introducing the Psycho Bunny sketch of the week for May 6th, 2019.

Psycho Bunny doesn’t get along with Chewbacca or R2D2. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo, on WitcheBrewPress. May 2019.

So far I have two comic con appearances lined up. Cradle Con in Long Island, IncrediCon in the Hudson Valley area of Upstate NY. If you’re around those areas, drop buy, purchase one of my comics and say hello.

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Stay tuned, next week the latest Psycho Bunny sketch will be posted.


Liquid Sky


The first time I heard about the film Liquid Sky, it was through the American television show Siskel and Ebert. If you don’t know, Siskel and Ebert were two film critics who reviewed movies. Originally titled Sneak Previews, it was broadcast on PBS stations until it switched to commercial syndication, and the title change. Siskel and Ebert  created a new genre of television through their discussions and occasional polite arguments. It’s no big deal now, thanks to podcasts, blogs, social media, etc. It’s the internet, after all. A place where everyone and their mothers has an opinion about everything.

Anyway, back in the early ’80s, when everyone was watching The A-Team, I was more interested in watching Sneak Previews. Sneak Previews helped introduce me to art house, cult, and foreign films. So one day they reviewed this little ditty titled Liquid Sky. A few years later after entering high school, I saw the movie on VHS. Within the group of misfit friends I hung out with, Liquid Sky became our coming of age film.

When a local video store decided to go out of business during the early ’90s, it was celluloid paydirt for me. Every week I would go in, purchasing cult classics such as Andy Warhol’s Bad, Eraserhead, and yes, Liquid Sky. In fact, there was one time during my brief “Rave” phase. My parents weren’t home. After one of those Rave parties, a few of us, still tripping on some psychedelic, went back to my place to watch Liquid Sky.

In recent years, Liquid Sky has been making the promotional rounds again. Every time Liquid Sky had a theatrical showing, I had schedule conflicts. A few months ago, I opened an email saying Liquid Sky was going to have a screening right in Queens, New York. I thought to myself “Hey – that’s where I live!” Within the email it mentioned a showing at a public library in the Jamaica, Queens area. Huh. That was slightly off putting. Didn’t think the Jamaica area wasn’t the best place to show Liquid Sky. Still, I went with it.

Arriving late to the showing, my instincts were right. Most of the audience were broke locals who were happy to see a free movie. Unfortunately, the film’s plot of aliens feeding off sexual orgasms from downtown New Wave junkie club goers went right over their heads. There was a few others, similar to me. Fans of Liquid Sky who had seen the film numerous times, who decided to commute to the screening. We were either in the same age bracket or older. A group of us started reminiscing about how the East Village and Williamsburg used to be before all the super hyper-gentrification. Who would’ve thought we would’ve been so nostalgic for all those dive places years later.

During the screening, the film kept on freezing. On top of that, the film they showed was fricken’ edited! C’mon now. While this was going on, some audience members started heckling. For a brief moment I felt as if I was transported to a Times Square movie theater before the Giuliani clean up. Stranger still, there was a part of me that had missed public heckling. Like the time I saw Judge Dredd in 1995 in some East Village movie theater. Judge Dredd was so bad, the entire audience started loudly mocking the film. I digress.

Anne Carlisle and Slava Tsukerman during a Q&A over at the Queens Library in Jamaica, Queens, NY. Summer 2018.

After the screening, the film’s star, actress and writer Anne Carlisle along with director Slava Tsukerman showed up to do Q&A. They graciously answered questions from the audience. Even when some burn-out kept on rambling. As much as I tried to retain my cool, I eventually geeked out. After all, this was a film that was a part of my formative years. It was through the Q&A that the audience learned what had become of Paula E. Sheppard. Better known as the brutal lesbian drug dealer Adrian in Liquid Sky. Sheppard dropped out of acting soon after Liquid Sky was completed. She’s now a yoga teacher on the west coast, wanting nothing to do with the film.

Another local, an older sweet woman made the observation that the characters in Liquid Sky weren’t exactly “nice” people. That comment took me back slightly. She was right though. Many people in the underground subcultures weren’t exactly “nice.” Yet I grew up within some of those counter-cultures. Sort of made me reflect.

I’m also reminded of a time back in high school. My friend was struggling with her sexuality. She eventually came out as a lesbian. Last time I spoke to her, she volunteered describing herself as pansexual. She had really identified with the film during her teen years. So Liquid Sky also reminds me of when someone is first exploring gender, androgyny and sexuality. Particularly when Anne Carlisle plays both male and female characters. Even if her portrayal of a guy comes across like an early ’80s version of David Bowie.

Liquid Sky has plenty of illicit drug references as well. During the Q&A, both Carlisle and Tsukerman reminded the audience that Liquid Sky was originally slang for heroin. Here’s a bit of a spoiler, so if you’ve never seen the film, you might want to skip this part. The premises of the film is based on aliens who come down to earth. The aliens feed off endorphins given off the brain during sexual climax. Once a human reaches orgasm, the aliens attack. The only sign of their attack is a crystal bolt left in the victim’s head. Margaret, the bisexual promiscuous cocaine addict realizes that she can kill people by having sex with other people. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a German scientist attempts to track down these aliens. While the German scientist tries to track down Margaret, Margaret uses sex as a way to seek revenge upon others, such as her rapist. Why Margaret has survived is because Margaret never reaches orgasm. The film ends with the scientist being killed, and Margaret doing heroin so she can go up with the aliens. Heroin has similar endorphins as a sexual orgasm.

Anne Carlisle and Slava Tsukerman during a Q&A over at the Queens Library in Jamaica, Queens, NY. Summer 2018.

Both Carlisle and Tsukerman dropped hints that they’re attempting to create a sequel to Liquid Sky. Liquid Sky just had a blu-ray release. So if you’ve never seen the film, you can purchase a copy here.

Capping off this blog post is a sketch I did loosely based on Liquid Sky. When the aliens come take Margaret from the roof top. While doing some online research, I discovered that Anne Carlisle also practiced psychotherapy in Miami during the 2007, thanks to her IMDb bio. Given that she co-wrote the Liquid Sky screenplay, this doesn’t surprise me.



Boba Fett – Sketch Lottery

Catching up with blog posts that should’ve been online last week. Here I contributed once again to the Sketch Lottery site. That week’s character was the best known bounty hunter in the Star War universe, Boba Fett.

Boba Fett quick sketch as seen on Sketch Lottery. Michele Witchipoo, May 2017. 

Psycho Spock

On September 8th, 1966, fifty years ago Star Trek debuted on U.S. television. Star Trek’s cultural impact has surpassed generations.

To commemorate this occasion, Psycho Bunny traveled to where no man has gone before…most likely his apartment…

Introducing the most illogical Vulcan ever. Psycho Bunny as Mr. Spock. Also the Psycho Bunny pic of the week.

Psycho Bunny as Mr. Spock. The most illogical Vulcan ever. Based on the comic written and drawn by Michele Witchipoo on WitchesBrewPress. Sept. 2016. 

Some exciting news. As stated in the previous post, I will be participating in a group art exhibit for Bushwick Open Studios 2016. In October I will be at MICE selling my comics. You can always get your own copy of Psycho Bunny through the website. Also check out the two Facebook pages, Psycho Bunny Comix and WitchesBrewPress. Till next time.

Also check out this blog post about Star Trek here.

Alchemy Space Girl – Gold

Lately I’ve been fascinated with sci-fi visuals. Along the lines of Dystopian, and particularly with vintage book covers or magazine illustrations. Vintage meaning late ’60s, to 70’s up until the early ’80s.

Drew the outline over a month ago, but finally had a chance to color this. Used glitter watercolor and digitally enhanced.

There’s also the alchemy aspect. I picked Gold for this piece.

Space Alchemy Gold. Pen, ink and watercolor illustration, with some digital touches. Created by Michele Witchipoo. Late August 2016. 

Would say more but at the moment I’m exhausted. Till next time.

New York Comic Con 2012 Part I

Before Hurricane Sandy and the US Presidential Elections, there was the 2012 New York Comic Con.

The New York Comic Con has become an annual event in NYC since 2006, making it the second largest comicbook convention in the United States, next to the San Diego Comic Con.

My ‘Professional’ pass for the 2012 NYCC.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

I had a small table in Artist Alley back in 2010. Perhaps one day I’ll have another shot at having a table in that section. In the meantime, I was perfectly content to walk around with a professional badge around my neck.

Greetings Earthlings. NYCC Entrance. Oct. 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Like all such events, there are trends. Particularly pop culture trends, and comic book conventions are no exception. This year the 11th regeneration of Doctor Who, (currently portrayed by Matt Smith) was in vogue. An interesting development in this craze was there were just as many females dressing up as ‘the doctor’ as there were males. There were more female doctors, as a matter of fact, fez hats and all.

In the autograph section was British actor Peter Davidson, who was the fifth doctor in the ongoing series. Currently in the UK version of Law and Order, he was gracious enough to pose for fan photographs.

Doctor Who fan Ben Herman shakes hands with British actor Peter Davidson, who played the fifth Doctor Who. New York Comic Con 2012. Photo by Michele Witchipoo. Oct. 2012.

One sidenote: his current son-in-law is the tenth doctor, David Tennant.

Besides Doctor Who being in vogue, there were The Avengers (not the American punk band from the late 70s, I meant the comic). There were especially a lot of fans dressed like Captain America, no doubt thanks to the hit movie. All the cosplayers were out in full force, of course. I did see two people in attendance dressed like characters from The Rocky Horror Picture show.

Hip Hop/Rap & comics panel. Went here by accident, but stayed because of some of the righteous stuff that was being said. Reminded me of some of the globalization lectures I heard in Austria this past spring.
Fuzzy photo taken by Michele Witchipoo

By accident I walked into a panel discussing Rap and Hip-Hop’s connection with comic-book culture. Instead of turning around, I stayed due to some of the key points being discussed during talks. My eyebrows were raised when female rapper Jean Grae mentioned reading my all-time favorite comic Love and Rockets during her formative years. Afterwards I approached her, informing her that I was also a huge Los Hernandez fan. Well she gave me an unexpected sincere hug, and that converted me into being her fan.

Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

On Sunday there was a pleasant surprise. Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 from Mystery Science Theater 3000 was signing autographs.

Onto Artist Alley. A major improvement when it came to this department. It was much more organized than in previous years. Therefore it was easier to walk around, checking out assorted artists, ranging from established to the independent. For example, George Perez (Wonder Woman circa 1980s) had a table selling his work.

Here’s some additional photos from this year’s event, which took place at the Jacob Javits Center.

Proof that social media and/or iPhone apps have made it into the heart of pop culture consciousness. Instagram app. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Love in an elevator. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Felix The Cat! At the NYCC, you might need more than a bag of tricks.
NYCC Oct. 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Even at comic cons, it might be a nice day for a white wedding.
NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Cosplayer. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Fan dressed as the 10th Doctor. As in Doctor Who. NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo.
Checking out the activities before extermination.
NYCC 2012.
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
One of these days, I’m gonna dress like a furry for Halloween. But that’s all. No funny business. Just the costume.
NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo

Punk/Batcave 80s throwback.
First spotted her during in the “Art Takes Times Square” event in June 2012.
NYCC 2012
Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Punk/Batcave 80s throwback.
First spotted her during in the “Art Takes Times Square” event in June 2012.
I want her skirt.
NYCC 2012

More photos to be added. To be continued.

Review of Space Porn Art Show At The Hi-5

Everything’s been going full steam ahead. Much so that I forgot to review the art event I took part of last month.

I had two painting exhibited at this show. The theme was anything to do with space, porn, or hey, why not both? Which is exactly what happened. Combining space, porn, bands and good times. Here’s a few photos I took from the night of Friday August 3rd, 2012.

Evangelical Holy Drums playing his set at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery, August 3rd, 2012. Photo taken by Michele Witchipoo.
Evangelical Holy Drums playing his set at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery, August 3rd, 2012. Photo taken by Michele Witchipoo.
Bobo Fett dancer from the Space Porn Art Show, taken at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery, August 3rd, 2012. Photo taken by Michele Witchipoo.
Vagina sculpture you could climb into. Artist: Rael Lief. Exhibited at the Space Porn show at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery, Friday August 3rd, 2012. Photo by Michele Witchipoo
Mixed medium paintings by Michele Witchipoo. Mostly acrylic and glitter. As of September 2012, the android/robot stripper painting was sold and shipped. The erotic rocket ship painting on the right is still available. Exhibited at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery Friday August 3rd, 2012. Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

There were great paintings by a variety of other artists. Most of the work was listed as ‘not safe for work.’ Well, the theme was space porn.

Above is a photograph of the two paintings I had exhibited at the Space Porn show. Both were mixed mediums, using mostly acrylic and glitter. After the show, the stripper painting on the left was sold. The other painting on the right is still available.

Not sure what the name of this band was. Performance at the Space Porn art show at the Hi-5 Bar and Gallery, Friday August 3rd, 2012. Photo by Michele Witchipoo.

Local bands on the bill were: Spewing Cum, a  solo drum set by RYO of Gagakirise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyNt1L13S_c&feature=youtu.be), Kool Skull w/ Ryo (special collaborative piece), Cum Blood, and a special burlesque performance by Miss Cherry Delight.

The show was covered by the press, featuring another artist: http://heyheychante.blogspot.com/2012/08/art-feature-space-porn.html

So now you have a bit of an idea what I did this past summer.

Robot Stripper

This Friday, I will have two space related paintings exhibited at the Hi-5 bar and gallery. The two paintings will be shown for a month, or until further notice. It’s part of a ‘Space Porn’ theme, along with other artists. My paintings are more for a PG-13 crowd, or at least one of them. Guess I’ve toned it down somewhat.

Here’s one of the better paintings:

Robot Stripper.
Materials: Acrylic and glitter.
Date: July 2012.
Artist: Michele Witchipoo.

I really like this particular work a lot, and it looks like I already have a buyer. If you’re interested in getting a commission from me, either with drawing, illustration or painting, just email me: Witchipoo@witchesbrewpress.net

Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. See everyone later.